Senior Wills

I, Eric Diaz, will to Emanuel Velasco success as the next captain of the Rugby team.

I, Crystal Roman, will Cindy Mojica and (To all the lower-class men) to always strive to do your best and never give up. The harder you work now, the more happy you will be to look back and say you achieved so much. If you fail, push yourself back up. All the matters is you fight through it all. I wish you the great of luck! Finish strong!

I, Natalie Roman, will Jazmin Bustamante to continue making people smile and to continue spreading her love and positivity to everyone because the world needs more people like her! Much love! <333

I, Jason Mejia, will to Felicity Castillo the determination to continue forward and let no one stand in your way.

I, Guadalupe Diaz, will Andrea Garcia patience with her college application process.

I, Mia Diaz, will to Iyana Lopez, Tiana Jackson, and Leslie Little keep striving for their goals and to remind themselves that the sky’s the limit. I will to them success for the rugby team and to remember that all those suicide drills are going to be worth it. I love you girls.

I, Loribeth Godinez, will to Arianna Valentin patience to deal with IB and strength to accomplish all the goals you have. I love you.

I, Mario Garrido, will to Jonathan Garrido to join the rugby team and make good plays.

I, Alfonso Ordonez, will Jonathan Rodriguez, to be the next Volleyball Captain. Your determination as a leader and as a good hitter will make you an outstanding player. Continue this legacy of Pritzker Boys Varsity volleyball team.

I, Jonathan Campuzano, will all 11th grader to go beyond and pass your limits.  Try to show that your willing to do everything as possible to achieve success so that when colleges see your records that you have a higher chance that they will pick you.

I, Julio Garcia, will Luis Garcia to never give up.

I, Jorge Villa, will to Gabriel Delgado a leader to all the people around him.

I, Alexa Gaytan, will to Eulalia Silverio happiness and trying your best in school.

I, Evelyn Montoya, will Kaylie Arriaza to be someone who is outgoing and kind.

I, Karla Paz, will to Yoana Hernandez the power of being joyful everyday no matter how rough things may seem.

I, Fatima Huazano, will to Abraham Huazano the motivation to finish IB strong, despite the obstacles he will encounter his junior and senior year.

I, Melissa Catalan, will  Michelle Catalan to keep striving no matter what gets in her way.

I, Candido Cuevas, will to Aaron Cuevas effort for his classes and his grades.

I, Sahian Sotelo, will to Angelina Serna because I know she will become a great volleyball player. You have killer serves, and I know you will continue on to take care of that team and become the next great hitter.

I, Alfonso Ordonez, will to Jonathan Rodriguez, to be the next Volleyball Captain. Your determination as a leader and as a good hitter will make you an outstanding player. Continue this legacy of Pritzker Boys Varsity volleyball team.

I, Lluvia Rodriguez, will to Arianna Valentin enjoy the rest of your high school career and to never change, you beautiful human being!

I, Anthony Romero, will to Kevin of 11th grade, a pencil and that’s it. Make it a wooden pencil with half an eraser and somewhat peeled carving, then a sticky note that says LOL taped(clear tape) to said pencil.

I, Santiago Diaz, will to Jared Rivera perseverance with every obstacle thrown his way to achieve his goals in life.

I, Victor Degante, will give the success as a Senior Football Captain to Alfredo Galvan as he exposes his talent, leadership, and commitment throughout his three years playing Football and making his last season the best as a the Senior Captain.

I Miguel Betancourt, will to Antwine Johnson hand over the rugby captain position and guide everyone in the team to victory.

I, America Hernandez, will to Randy Torres love, patience, and a good GPA for your final year at Pritzker.

I, Styles Avant-Pinkston, will to Antwine Johnson the vibessss.

I, Dominic Alexander Esquivel, will to Exavier De La Cruz the right to take over as the weird/random kid in the band room.

I, Jared Soto, will to David Barrera the patience to deal with the college process.

I, Laura Diaz, will to Yoana Hernandez luck in order to get into her dream school.

I, Angel Alvarez, will to all juniors patience with college deadlines and senior year.

I, Sadee Stelzik, will to Alexus Mojica to take care of the duties and responsibilities of the position for Head Scribe next year.

I, Jonathan Rosales, will to Diana Rea nothing but success for her senior year and to receive high scores on her next two SAT’s

I, Mauricio Rodriguez, will to Allen Trinidad overachieving and hard work when it comes to his educational and career goals.
I, Juliana Geronimo, will to David Geronimo the capacity to achieve anything he sets his mind to