Senior Volleyball game: A competitive night

Senior Volleyball game: A competitive night

By Perla Flores ’19

Lady Jaguars faced Muchin Mountain Lions in an intense volleyball game. On Oct. 2, Muchin defeated the ladies two sets out of three. It can be called a heartbreaking loss on their senior night.  It was senior night for the lady jaguars and losing the game was a great fear, but they pushed through and gave it their all on the court.

The whistle blew and the game began. The first set  started off with the lady Jaguars scoring the first set of points. Not far behind stood Muchin. It was noticeable that Muchin wanted the win from the beginning. Both teams were playing competitively. Muchin was taking the lead with a 19-16 score. Soon, the jaguars caught up 20-20 with a lot of effort. The set continued with Muchin leading, but the lady jaguars kept catching up.

The second set began, and the whistle blew again. Jaguars begin with a lead 2-1 but soon Muchin catches up again and surpasses the ladies 11-7. Quickly, the jaguars came up with a 22-21 lead. Suddenly, the crowd started cheering loud. A large part of the crowd was there to support the ladies. With posters and banners to cheer up the team players. One could hear the crowd being proudly saying “let’s go jaguars, let’s go.” Set number two ends with a score of 26-24 in favor of Muchin.

Music playing, and the crowd was still being loud. For the third time, the whistle blew and the battle initiated. Once again, Muchin took the lead in the first few minutes five to three. One can now see mad and droopy faces among the crowd. Lady Jaguars are losing, but hope still stands. Muchin continues to take the lead throughout the whole set and the sed finalized with a score of 26-12.  Muchin had defeated the lady jaguars 2-3. Anger was seen among the players and proudness was found among the crowd. The crowd was proud, proud of the effort shown by the ladies. They had given everything on the court. They might of lost the game, but at heart the ladies will always remain champions.

Although the game was lost, it also had an advantage. The entrance to the game was one dollar for alumni. With all the things going on in the world with earthquakes and hurricanes, the Pritzker family felt the need of handing out a hand to the people affected by these natural disasters. The funds raised from the volleyball game where donated to DirectRelief, an organization that dedicates their time and effort to help people affected by the disasters. 100% of the funds raised will directly be sent to the people affected in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Pritzker might have lost a game, but we are taking the biggest win by helping the people who need it the most.