Senior Night

The teachers are giving out awards to the basketball team

By Michel Barcenas ’20 and Jahson Galvan ’20

The Girls’ Varsity Basketball team faced off against Golder College Prep for senior night, on Thursday Feb. 7 from 5:30 p.m to 6:45 p.m and following their game, the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team faced Noble Academy for senior night. It was our Lady Jaguars’ big night, senior night. The game started off on the right hand. We started off with the first couple of points.

The first quarter of the game had started and the team had  a lead by two points. The score was 10-8 and our Lady Jaguars were pumped to see how the rest of the game was going to go.

Most of the players took many chances when it came to shooting. But after all those strong and risky attempts, they were able to make some points in for the team. What was the most amazing sight to see was at the end of the quarter when Keyla Romero, a senior, made a three pointer shot and was one of the star players during the game.

The second quarter was now starting. Our lady jaguars had some struggles going along in the game. Romero stated, “I think we were doing alright, but I think we could’ve played a lot better.” The score was now 15-19 and the second quarter came to an end.

The third and fourth quarter were the ones where our lady jaguars really gave it their all when it came to making some points. Crystal Roman, a senior player, stated, “We struggled for a bit out in the court, but we were able to communicate and fix our mistakes and even work harder as a team.”

As the game started to come to an end, Romero stated, “I think that we could have finished a lot stronger if we wouldn’t have lost so much communication after losing a key player. It could’ve ended better.” The final score of the game was 31-34.

After all of the competitive plays, the seniors of our Girls’ Varsity Basketball team were recognized and shown love by their coaches and teammates.  Each senior was given a frame, made by their coach, with pictures of special moments throughout the basketball season. At the end, everyone in the crowd were celebrating and wishing our senior players the best.

As the senior celebration came to a end, there was still our Varsity Boys’ Basketball team getting ready to play against Noble Academy.

Before the Boys’ Basketball game started,  the starters for the game were called out, which were all of the seniors.

They kept the same momentum for the rest of the half and the half time score ended up being 31-15 with the Jaguars having the lead. Senior, Abriel Cortez one of the stars of the basketball team had a great start to the first half as he finished with 22 points in the first half.

In the third quarter of the game, the Jaguars struggled all  quarter trying to score. With the final score in the third quarter being 37-31, Noble Academy slowly started catching up to the Jaguars.

With all the seniors stepping up at the end the Jaguars were able to seal the victory. With the final score being 53-42.

Cortez who ended up with 31 points in the game, explained his thoughts on the game, “I think the game went very well for the team. We communicated very well denying everything.” Cortez also stated, “This was by far the best game we have played as a team. We started very strong in the first half.”

Julian Harris, a senior, explains his thoughts, “I felt this was one of the best  games that we as a team have played and that I have played in all my four years of highschool.”

Israel Chairez, a senior who also had a role in the win gives his thoughts on how the game went, “The game went pretty well. I am proud of the seniors and the team on how the game plan was executed.”

Senior night was very special for Cortez as he stated, “My favorite memory of my senior year was senior night because we worked so well as a team. We communicated very well. And most of all we had fun playing.”

With this being the last year for this player Harris he gives their favorite memory of their senior year season. Harris said, “My favorite memory of my senior year was getting the chance to play alongside Abriel and Israel because both helped me get better on my game and also on their game style.”

As these three players finish up their last season of high school basketball they reflect on how they personally did on their last season. Cortez stated, “I’m very proud of my performance this year. This has been my best season scoring nearly 25 points every game. This is a season to remember and I will definitely miss playing basketball for Pritzker.” Harris said, “I feel like this season has helped me push me past my limits from being scared to play against varsity players to being the best big man in our conference.” Chairez stated, “This season I believe it was amazing for me. I learned that you do not always have to score to be an important part of your team.”

These three basketball stars and the rest of the seniors play their last home game on Feb. 12.