Senior big group: Going back to freshman year and  into the future

Senior big group: Going back to freshman year and  into the future

By Yaneet Rodriguez ’18

“Well hello seniors!” stated Pam Johnson, Dean of Culture, giving the welcoming on Tuesday for the senior big group. There was music playing in the background as the seniors were coming in the cafetorium and looking for their advisory. There were two purposes of the big group:

  • ACT
  • Looking back at the previous years

As soon as Johnson had given the welcoming, she had started  the big group with a big throw back to the seniors’ freshmen year.

Freshman year

Everyone had to read and annotated  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens over the summer, and the old gray uniform for P.E.  and “seeing some struggle while going to class and being cute little freshman that once made mistakes,” Johnson stated.

Sophomore year

The Football Team had won Noble Bowl victory against Bulls College Prep, went to visit different colleges in order to learn about them, and the Jazz Band had won The Boston Jazz Competition.

Junior year

The class of 2018 had the opportunity to go and see the the musical Hamilton; they just needed to pay ten dollars and work on a project that was based on the history of Hamilton; Jocelyn Santos and Julia White were nominated to present their project to everyone at the Hamilton Musical performance, and the students also learned how to leave the lunchroom quietly,.

“If you want the colleges to show you the money you need to grow in the ACT.” Jane Knoche,  a college counselor and a mental health counselor, stated. Meaning that if you want colleges to give you a scholarship then you need to put in the effort in the ACT.  According to Johnson, “You [seniors] are taking the ACT tomorrow [Saturday], it’s kind of a big deal, and we wanted to make sure you are pumped up and ready for that ACT.”

Winners for a free laptop: Highest ACT score from Junior year

Nadia Segura, from the Pallardy advisory, had won a laptop, due to her high ACT score from junior year and Giovanni Marroquin, from the Wetmore advisory, had also won a laptop due to his high ACT score from his junior year.

Samantha Corvino, Physic/Biology teacher, and Carrie Spitz, principal, had the idea to give away the laptops to the students with high ACT scores from their junior year, but the scores weren’t given right away, so they had decided to be give them before the next ACT.

“The purpose of the big group was to take this ACT serious, since it’s our last one,” stated Alexis Arrieta, senior,  in where it can change their goals and maybe get into a better college and have better scholarship money as well.

According to Naylin Mojica, senior,  her thoughts on the big group were that there was a lot of positive energy, especially from. Johnson, the way she had started the big group, with a warm welcoming.

Knoche was in charge of the powerpoint, with the help of Johnson, Natasha Perez, and Jocelyn Perez, who provided some pictures and videos they had.