Senior athlete spotlight: Mia Diaz

Mia Diaz (center) warming up for the first game of the season. PC: Nani Perez

By Skylah Martinez ’21

Senior Mia Diaz is currently  playing her last softball season in high school. As all spring sports prepare for the final season of the school year, the Pritzker Press has taken the time to shine light on one of many four year athletes.

Diaz has been a player for the Pritzker softball team since her freshman year. She started off playing the sport at the age of twelve in the Humboldt Park leagues.

With a passion for athletic competition, Diaz has been an all season round athlete since her sophomore year. She played rugby in the fall, cheerleading during the winter, and is now onto her last season playing softball in the spring. She has described being an all year athlete as very stressful and stated that “you definitely need to know how to balance sports with schoolwork and your personal life.” She also mentioned how much you have to sacrifice with the busy sports schedules.

Diaz expressed that she is ready to play this season with a lot of new players. She stated, “new players always bring something new that’ll benefit the team, so I feel ready.” She also talked briefly about how she feels the team is prepared for challenges.

When asked how she feels about this being her last year playing, Diaz stated, “I’m sad that this is my last year playing softball in high school. I’m not sure if I will continue the sport once I’m in college.”

She also expressed how she will miss the bond she has grown with the teams she has been on: “Each team has a different bond and on each team you learn something new.”

Diaz plays left outfield, but her position may vary depending on where the coach needs her. She mentioned how she is willing to try new things if it is asked of her.

Senior Samantha Santiago, who has played softball with Diaz all four years, stated that Diaz “has a very positive attitude and she knows when things need to be done.” One thing that Santiago enjoys about playing with Diaz is that she helps push the girls to do their best at practice so that their hard work can reflect during games.

Santiago mentioned that her and Diaz have been friends for years, but that softball definitely helped their relationship grow and that they are able to help their team grow as well.

Diaz can be referred to as a great leader on her team. Senior Sahian Sotelo is playing her first year of softball. She described Diaz as a “really good” player and a person with an “amazing personality.”

Diaz shared that Kaplan has been an awesome coach. She feels that if anyone has patience for the team, it is definitely him. She talked about how he was able to pick up the team after the former head coach left. She stated “he taught us a lot as a team, especially me.”

Some motivational words from Diaz: “Never doubt yourself. You don’t need to have experience. That’s what high school is all about: teaching you.” She also wanted to say thank you to all of her teammates for “an amazing four years.” And to her softball team: “It’s not always about winning, but I’m ready to take some W’s.” Wish the softball team a successful season!