Senior Angel Delarosa devised promposal in Thailand

Angel Delarosa holding the promposal poster with his five other friends holding each letter of prom.

By Steven Escogido ’21

During the Thailand trip attended by Pritzker students, senior Angel Delarosa asked senior Diana Gomez to prom.

During the trip, Delarosa recalled that his group was going to visit an Elephant Sanctuary. “Diana loves elephants, so if I were going to do it, it just had to be on a special occasion like Thailand,” explained Delarosa. Delarosa prepared the poster a few days before visiting the Elephant Sanctuary; Delarosa and his group visited a shopping area near their hotel that had all the necessary supplies to make the poster: “I had tried to use the stuff  I got at a 7/11, but it wasn’t enough. For the next few nights, I ended up staying up until 12-1 a.m. to work on the poster and going over the plan.”

Delarosa had gotten help from sophomore Orlando Arroyo, sophomore Abigail Salgado, junior Priscila Pena, senior Crystal Roman, senior Cristal Maldonad, and Journalism teacher Katie Curtin.

Delarosa stated, “We distracted her by  telling her to take a picture with the elephant while it was eating.  Then, I came up behind her and popped the question on my poster, ‘You will have an elephantastic time. Prom?’” Delarosa had each of the five Pritzker students on the trip hold up a letter that would spell out “prom” with a question mark. They also had a pink bag with elephants on it.

Delarosa said, “I was really nervous because I know Diana doesn’t like surprises, but I really did want to do something special for her because she deserves it, and I know she loves elephant; she had been looking forward to that day. Delarosa wanted Gomez to remember the day he asked her to prom in Thailand.

Gomez was not expecting Delarosa’s promposal. It was something that she and Delarosa joked about, but she really didn’t know that Delarosa will actually do it. Gomez mentioned how she felt about Delarosa’s promposal: “I was surprised and a little scared of all the attention, but overall, I thought it was really nice, and I can tell he put so much time and effort in that; it made me happy.”

Salgado saw the promposal as something cute and admirable due to all the effort and planning Delarosa put into it. Salgado also mentioned, “Angel was somewhat nervous, and when Diana saw what was going on, she was confused at first, but when the time came, she caught on and was aware what Angel was doing for her.”

 Delarosa said he was a very lucky guy due to how he gets to attend prom with Gomez.

There have been other promposals at Pritzker. For instance, two promposals happened on Apr. 26: one at the main entrance and another during the Spring Fling. Prom will take place on May 31 this year.