Senior advice to underclassmen

Compiled by Oscar Noyola ’19, Mauricio Rodriguez ’19, and Jalyn Tyree’19


Indra Bueno: “Take advantage of all the opportunities that Pritzker has to give you because they help you  a lot and prepare you for college.”


Alexander Hurtado: “Prioritize. If you know that you have an assignment due ahead of time, get started on it. Do not wait until the week of to do it. You don’t want to be rushing and panicking over this assignment. Whereas,  if you start on it earlier, then you will be less stressed even more than you probably already are.”


Sheyla Castellanos:  “Do not give up! Think about all the hard work your parents put in to have you at Pritzker. Make them proud.”


Justin Reyes: “Try to have as much fun as possible and don’t worry about the small things.”


Anthony Pedroza: “Make sure you get enough sleep.”


Fatima Escalera: “Never let other people’s  grades influence how well you perform”


Ana Reyes-Rosado: “You can do it! That sounds super cliche, I know, but it’s true! It’s a long and  a very hard journey, and none of it is easy. All those all nighters, late night study sessions, video calls, every late night essay due date on turnitin, and all of the Russian and lit memorization is challenging but never impossible. You got this! Never stop trying!”


Daizy Herrera: “An important advice I would like to give to underclassmen is to not  be nervous to ask questions. The idea of asking questions to a teacher is not because the student is dumb, but it is for better understanding.”


Daniel Guzman: “Be persistent and hardworking for your future.”


Mimi Gonzalez: “Make sure your grades are always the best you can do. Do not wait until Senior year to make them the best you have ever had.”


Jason Chavez: “Fix your grades now because later it is going to be hard to get that 2.0 GPA to a 3.0 GPA during your last year.”


Nancy Rodriguez: “It gets hard. And you don’t think you can take it anymore, but you will feel way better if you push through the final year you have left.”


Monica Calderon: “Do all your homework even though you don’t get lasalles you will get zeros so do your homework!”


Janessa Asencio: “Do not lose motivation, procrastinate or slack off completely. Be realistic about your current workload and stay on top of your assignments. There are all exhilarating future possibilities but don’t forget the here and now. “


Giselle Serrano: “I would like to tell underclassmen to exceed in everything they do and always try their absolute hardest. It might be stressful, but it will pay off in the end. Also, to not let anything or anyone come in the way of graduating. Focus only on yourself and your studies. Do not worry about what everyone else is doing because in the end, you’re the only person in charge of your own path to achieve.”


Crismar Mendoza: “Keep trying your best and do not give up. No one can tell you what you can and can’t do.”


Mireya Aguilar: “Everything will be worth it. Just keep trying and do not lose sight of your dreams.”


Roebyn Lian Nunez: “Stay organized and be on top of your school work. Do not let it get to a point where it is difficult to get your grade up. Do not get demerits.”


Carmen Carteno: “It’s okay to ask for help. The most daring thing you can do is ask for help. It is always better to know why you don’t know something rather than deal with the the consequences of not knowing. Also, stay on top of things. As seniors. we have more responsibilities, which means less sleep. Staying on top of things will save you from falling asleep in class.”


Vanessa Sotelo: “Stay positive! Your long journey at Pritzker will come to an end in a blink of an eye.”


Crystal Lujano: “Don’t give up. You might feel like Pritzker is sucking the life out of you, but in the end, all of your hard work and suffering will pay off when you get accepted into the college of your dreams. Don’t forget to make plenty of memories too because these 4 years will go by quicker than you think.”


Jonathan Mendoza: “Stay on top of everything you do in Collegiate Seminar class because it will get overwhelming. Stay on top of your deadlines because if can affect your grade and more importantly your college decision.”


Yaritza Santillan: “Always remember that it may seem tough right now, but later on you are going to say it was easy. Don’t stop working hard because senior year is right around the corner, and the fun is just starting.”


Joshua Costiuc: “Don’t procrastinate. Senior year is going to be a hard year with all the essays you have to write, and the scholarships and colleges that you will have to apply to. With all this work, you have to be responsible for your actions because the college counselors and senior teachers will not be holding your hand. It is up to you to turn in your essays and assignments on time, so be proactive. There aren’t anymore Lasalles anymore, but that should not stop you from completing your assignments on time. In addition, Take Initiative in all the opportunities that you will face throughout your senior year because they will allow you to have awesome experiences, whether that is taking internships or studying in places around the world. But it is up to you.”


Rigoberto Arceo: “Always come to school and even if you do not like something in general, fake it until you make it.”


Eddie Miranda: “Take advantage of the opportunities Pritzker offers you because who knows if you’ll ever get them again. Also, if you don’t know where you want to go to college yet, just keep working hard so you can put yourself in the best positions possible. Keep building relationships and enjoy being young.”


Naomi Rivera: “Take advantage of all the practice tests you get preparing you for the ACT because the time you spend in high school passes by quickly, and before you know it, you’ll be a senior applying for college. If your ACT score isn’t what you wanted it to be, you could get denied to a school you really wanted to go to and that feeling sucks, so always try your best, and take it seriously.”
Esmeralda Rodriguez: “Take advantage of all opportunities, work hard at the end it will pay off, always stay organized in top of your tasks make sure to never procrastinate.”