Seeing doubles at Pritzker?

By Angel Olanda ’17

How often do you get to see twins? If you have payed attention to the crowd, we have a growing number of twins in Pritzker. There are identical twins, which look exactly the same, and fraternal twins, which don’t exactly share the same identical features.

Focusing on fraternal twins, their type are twins that could be of the opposite sex and share only 50% of their DNA. Juniors Jennifer Rivera and Jorge Rivera are just that. According to the Rivera’s, a portion of the people who have reacted to knowing they are twins for the first time, couldn’t believe they actually were. Jennifer mentioned that people at first are reluctant to believe when she tells them they are twins and  Jorge adds on by saying, “I myself believe that we don’t look alike.”

Of course then there are the others that notice quickly that they are related. “I have random people ask me if I’m related to him” is something Jennifer said she has to deal with at times. “When they first mentioned they were twins, I was hesitant to believe so, but after a while, I saw the resemblance.” said Senior Prisila Serrano.

Ever wondered how it would be having classes with your siblings? Since The Rivera’s do share classes, both see that as something positive and fun to look forward to. Jennifer claimed that she would complain when she found out she didn’t have classes with her twin brother. Jorge also said something in between the lines and stated, “It’s really cool to have my twin in my class because we can help each other out and we understand each other.”

Although they sometimes get into arguments and get mad at each other, the Rivera’s mentioned just how much they need each other at the end of the day. Jennifer showed her appreciation and love towards her twin brother when she stated, “I can’t imagine my life without him, he’s like my best friend.” Jorge finished it off by saying, “I have someone who’s there for me all the time and I know I would be there for her as well.”