“Say yes to the dress”

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By Barbara Garcia ’18

Stores are getting crowded, girls are screaming, and hair and makeup appointments are pending. Did you guess what’s coming up? Yes! You’re correct it’s prom season. Have you ever wondered what’s the big deal about getting a prom dress?

Lily Roman, a senior, states, “ It takes about 2-3 weeks to find a dress that we could consider to be a good fit.” Prom dress shopping is not as easy as it seems.

Nathalie Figueroa a senior, claims, “There is a struggle to find the right dress because of everyone having a different taste and pricing limit.” The beauty of dress shopping is not only finding the right dress but who you are with during that time.

Some people go with their friends, parents, or partners. This is an important event in every girl’s life. Not only prom but the stressful memory-making process that goes into it as well. Yet, boys fail to realize and believe this is a thing.

Andrew Alvarez a senior, explains, “ I think they over do themselves talking about how hard it is. I don’t think it’s as hard as they make it out to be but you never know cause I’m a guy.” Guys sometimes do not understand the real struggle. Lizeth Gallegos, a senior, states, “It’s almost impossible to find a dress the majority of girls go to similar stores meaning we have to be careful we don’t get the same dress.” Gallegos also describes how it’s kind of a girls thing to not want to share your prom dress color or style with anyone until they see you at prom.

Most girls try to go out with their friends to look for dresses because they feel that they are honest with them about how they look. The struggle of the right prom dress has many factors. Roman said, “The price, way it looks on you, color, and if anyone has got anything similar to you.’’ Even when you get your prom dress you really have not really got it due to extra accessories having to go along with it.

There are times when you get your dress there still needs to be alterations so that the dress can fit you better.

Roman explains, “We struggle because we’re picky, competitive, and boujee like we want to look the best.”

Alvarez emphasizes that the real reason girls struggle so much is because they want to stand out from everybody else. when they discuss their struggle to find the right prom dress.