Samantha Santiago: A focused and driven student

Samantha Santiago: A focused and driven student

By Analisa Burgos ’18

Ring ring ring! Your alarm wakes you up at six in the morning. You begin to prepare for your day by getting ready for school and making sure you are mentally and physically prepared. You are in school for nine hours learning. The school bell rings, but your day is not over, next you have a two hour practice. After practice you rush home to do your homework, shower, and prepare for the next day of the same routine. Imagine repeating this for three years in a row, in three different sports. What a strenuous act you may be thinking! How can one maintain this routine all school year long!

At four feet and eleven inches Samantha Santiago, a junior, competes in the most competitive sports here at Pritzker. She plays volleyball, basketball, and softball. When asked about her journey here at Pritzker with sports, Santiago expressed that when she arrived her freshman year she threw herself into it all. She admitted that playing three sports and being in two clubs, Snowball and Honors Choir, is very hard to maintain on top of everything else, but she would never change it.

Since Santiago plays sports all year round, there must be some reason that keeps her rooted in them. “I love all the sports I play. They give me a boost in confidence. And I get the pleasure of having a great bond with such lovely ladies.” She loves the rush each sport gives her and the competitive environment.

Not only is Santiago an amazing athlete, she is also an outstanding student. When asked how she was doing in school, Santiago mentioned, “I’m doing pretty great. I make sure I’m on top of myself and maintain A’s and B’s.”

How can Santiago have so much on her plate and still keep up with her grades you ask? Here’s some advice from her to you. “Make sure you stay on top of your grades. And through that enjoy your years here at Pritzker because they will go by fast.”

Future plans for Santiago include her wanting nothing but success. She knows that there may be roadblocks along the way, but she is determined to make the best out of her life.

Goals for this year include her wanting to focus on her studies, sports, other activities she takes apart in, and have a great junior year with her friends. She also wants to cherish moments with her senior friends.

It’s not easy being a full time student. And it’s definitely not easy to be a full time athlete. Santiago proves that the unthinkable is possible by demonstrating that you can balance studies, three sports, and her everyday life. As a wise young scholar has said you can do whatever you put your mind to. It may not be easy and there will be roadblocks along the way, but if you push yourself success will be in your reach. Santiago is a living testimony.