Sam and Colby: Living the life never lived before

Sam and Colby: Living the life never lived before

From vlogging and pranks to exploring the most haunted places, Sam and Colby are a pair of friends that have been together since the trend of Vine and have continued their friendship to their YouTube channel. They joined YouTube on Oct. 28 of 2014 and have over 440,000 views on all their videos. Sam and Colby’s channel include short, frightening video series; brings in people that are familiar with the spiritual world; and does not care about the negative comments they get. 

Sam and Colby started off their channel by filming themselves in their daily life, moved on to creating pranks, to exploring abandoned places. Their horror series started with the “Queen Mary,” which lasted two episodes with over an hour long. They also combined their series into a full movie. This brought the start of their exploration of the most haunted places in the United States and outside of it. They manage to spend the night in the most haunted room.

All of their series are known for people actually dying: the Stanley, the Graveyard, Overnight at Haunted Queen Mary Castle, and many more. Personally, if you like horror series or movies, this channel is just for you.

Additionally, Sam and Colby bring in people that have experience with the spiritual world. This also includes a person that knows about the history of buildings or those who know the story behind the haunting of a building. The different types of people include those who communicate with spirits, do rituals, etc. 

Sam and Colby use these kind people because they want to know what made the building to become one of the most haunted places. They consider getting an expert opinion. I like that users are able to get more behind a building and get a trustworthy person. 

Most YouTubers point out the hate they get by posting videos that are usually titled: “Reading to Hate Comments.” For example, the YouTube channel Kian and Jc. But these YouTubers are different. When it comes to doing videos that have to do with the spiritual world, most of the people think they are fake because spirits do not exist. Sam and Colby take in consideration the comments they get, but they choose to continue doing their series. In my opinion, it is better for YouTubers to do their own thing because like that, the YouTubers are doing what they like the most.

There are people who comment on Sam and Colby’s channel and say that all their horror videos are fake. I do not agree with this but I know that there are people out there that do not believe in spirits. But in my case, their videos are not fake because they bring experts that deal with the spiritual world. Go watch, and enjoy.

  • Video series: 4 to 5 episodes
  • Episodes Time: About 30 to 40 minutes
  • Videos on Channel: 251