Run Race 3D: a strategic game

The screen when you open the game app Run Race 3D.

By Crystal Barrera ’20

Run Race 3D is a game app that you play with friends or play with other unknown users around the world. The game app is unique, challenging, and requires a strategy.

Run Race 3D can be played with up to 5 players. I personally did not have other people to play with, so I did not use that. When I first began playing the game, I thought it was very different from any other game I have played before. There are only two things that you can really control: the character jumping and the time the character jumps, which both go hand in hand.

The first few times I played, it was very easy but then got challenging as the levels changed and the “setting” of the game changed as well. It is a bit hard to try to predict and be ready to jump at any moment since the screen is zoomed in on the character.

Because the screen is  zoomed in on the character and it is hard to predict what to do next, you always have to be attentive on the screen. Whenever I jumped too soon, I fell behind that caused me to get out of the game. If you do one wrong jump and do not jump on time, you can lose the entire level.

Overall, this is a good game to get if you are constantly bored and do not have anything to do. It does get frustrating after a few levels because it feels as though my character does not jump high enough. This is dependent on timing.

Other people have also felt frustrated after some levels. They feel as though the timing that they swiped for their character to jump did not go with the timing on the screen. To some, the game has caused stress because they do not seem to be in control of the game.

  • Works on iphone, ipad, or ipod touch
  • New levels added
  • Category: Arcade