Rules of Survival: A real battle royal

Image of gameplay and what it looks like Photo Credit: Angel Zagal

By Angel Zagal ’18

Fortnite: everyone’s go-to game has competition now. Fortnite is a PC and console game that is being played by over 3.4 million people. A different version has come to the mobile world called Rules of Survival. Rules of Survival captures what  the players of fortnite look for, has much more to offer, and is a great experience for people.

Much like Fortnite, Rules of Survival has been on the rise. Both are a third person shooter game where you are not just there to kill but must stay alive and survive until the end. You win the game by achieving a victory royale. Start with nothing and build your way up by finding weapons and items to get a step closer to defeating your enemy.

You enter the game alone or with other players to team up and try to win against the 100 other players in the lobby. The game allows up to 300 people in one game, which is insane. Controls are much different than those of a console or a PC. The controls of the game can be changed from the app and buttons can be made smaller or bigger for your convenience. Much like Fortnite, achieving a victory royal is not easy when going against 100-300 other people.

The game has a solo game session where you can go face to face with others or a multiplayer game session where you join up with friends to try to gain victory. Rules of Survival has a vast variety of weapons to choose from when playing. A player can equip different weapons and armor that are found around the map, submachine guns, assault rifles, and helmets are some items available to players. The map of the game is massive and filled with buildings where players can loot for items or take cover from others. A key difference from Fortnite is the addition of cars to the game. In Fortnite there are cars, but a player is not allowed to drive them. In Rules of Survival, a player is able to drive around the map in a car.

The game overall is a great way to spend some time alone or with friends. With lots of competition, you will surely spend hours in this game.

Critics state that “bugs need to be worked on.” The game does come with frequent crashes, but this is only after you lose a game or you are starting the game up. The developers have come out with recent updates regarding many bugs but not every game is perfect. Playing the game a lot may be the cause of the crashes. Until you play  two to three hours, you will experience no trouble with the app.

  • Rated: 4.6/5 stars- Itunes, 4.3/5- Google Play
  • Price: Free on both Itunes and Google play store
  • Storage Size: 841.7 MB