Rugby during the fall?

Rugby ball used during the Friday Skirmishes

By Osvaldo Medina ‘21

The Rugby season is right around the corner, but some passionate students can’t wait for Rugby to start. As a result, some upperclassmen and alumni have taken it upon themselves to set up skirmishes on Fridays to help train freshmen that are going to participate in the upcoming boys’ Rugby season. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that freshmen interested in joining the Rugby team aren’t the only ones  restricted to joining in the skirmishes on Fridays; anyone is allowed to partake in the skirmishes as long as they show up at North Grand after school on Fridays. 

Although captains are responsible for overviewing the skirmishes, they sometimes have juniors take over and train them. For example, junior Eric Morales, who plays scrum-half, is responsible for training freshmen that are interested in Rugby. The reason being is that  Morales has been part of the Rugby team for two years now; he is experienced in playing two different positions. Furthermore, Morales stated, “I’m interested in getting the position of captain.” Morales has had the mindset of putting extra work that will reward him with that title that he is passionate about. Lastly, Morales mentions that “Rugby is very competitive, but at the end of the day, Rugby is just a sport, and I’m having fun.” Morales also noted that just because it is fun doesn’t mean he isn’t going to give up to strive for victory.

In contrast,  junior Argenis Salgado, who plays winger, chooses to spend part of his Friday playing after school because “[he’s] bored afterschool.” Adding on, Salgado mentions that he is not interested in the position as captain because he is mainly interested in the sport and not the position.  Salgado added that “[I’m] more laid back compared to Eric.” However, Salgado does enjoy playing the sport as much as Morales. 

Salgado will not take these skirmishes lightly because Rugby season is around the corner, so he is trying his best right now to prepare. Similarly, Morales will try his best to “pass down [his] knowledge to the freshman so the team can have a successful season.” Morales goes on to explain that, like Salgado, he won’t let this opportunity pass by as this is perfect training before the Rugby season. With a determined look, Morales stated, “This season will be our best season so far since [he] has been part of the team.”