ROTC inspection

By Arlette Carino ’21

Reserve Officer Training Corps, ROTC, is an elective at Pritzker College Prep. A major part of the student, who attend the elective, grade is based on their inspection.

Esmeralda Vargas, a sophomore in RO, stated that Gunny usually inspects the students. The students need to know “know everything in our binders [like] general orders, leadership traits, leadership principles and basic knowledge that aligns your level.” They are given a packet that says what they should know.

Every level has a specific number, for example Vargas is in level two, L2, because she is a sophomore. A freshman would be a level one, L1, a junior would be a level three, L3, and a senior would be a lever four, L4 stated Vargas.

During the inspection, Ashley Fernandez and Gunny pick two scribes to help with attendance and to take note of students -who brought in their supplies for class. Although they help on the day to day basis, the scribes don’t inspect the students. Gunny usually inspects said students and the scribes assist Gunny by writing down the grades.

A normal inspection, as stated by Vargas, takes at least 20 minutes at most. Depending if Gunny goes one by one or by squads.

Michelle Catalan, a sophomore in ROTC, stated that Gunny usually checks “for belt, socks, and hair” to see if they are properly worn and groomed. They also go outside and have to be in their full cammie uniform.

If a student does not know the answer to a question, they have to say “this cadet does not know.” The student will get points taken out. If a student gives the wrong answer but says it confidently, the student will receive some points for trying Catalan stated.

Instead of the students getting homework like in other electives, their homework is to study their general orders Catalan stated.

If Gunny is not there, Fernandez will be the one to ask the 3 questions to the students to see if students know what they are supposed to Catalan stated.