Rolling Sky: A fun way to go

Percentages are shown of how much and how many levels are completed. Also, the name of the theme is shown on top of level numbers.

By Dulce Zagal ’20

Do you enjoy seeing different themes each time you play a game? Do you enjoy completing challenging obstacles? Well, the Rolling sky is the perfect game app for you. Rolling Sky offers a variety of themes, obstacles that may be hard to get through, and its background music is catchy. And not to mention, Rolling Sky is celebrating its fourth-anniversary birthday party, which was on Oct.11. 

Rolling Sky has different themes that you can enjoy. People prefer to have a game that has colors around or have any themes. By having colors all around the game, it will let the game app users have fun. This will not create boredom when the user is playing a certain level. When a player enters a game, the player expects a game that will be exciting and challenging to play. Personally, I like games that bring enthusiasm to the themes. Additionally, its newest theme has arrived: Halloween. 

When a user plays a level, the user expects to get challenging obstacles to go through in order to get entertained. As you continue to enter more levels, the obstacles get challenging and you can not get through them. The levels have to be passed with a percentage of 100 percent. The level depends if you can get through the first couple of obstacles. The obstacles vary bumps coming up, trees, stereos, etc. I, personally, do not like the obstacles but I like getting challenged. 

Do you just hear a game’s music and find it so catchy? Well, lucky for you, Rolling Sky has music that gets your attention. The music changes each time that the theme changes. For example, one theme is an illusion and that theme has its own beat. One theme can be spooky and the music to it can be intense. I think if you just do not like the game’s music just turn off your sound. Also, I think this music catchy because not every game has intense or music that gets you entertained in the game.

One game user did not like the fact that the game app had many ads: “There are ads in nearly every conceivable point in the game, for when you crash, to simply going to a new level…There were very little ads.” I would disagree because when I play the game, I do not get a lot of ads. Also, the user even contradicts himself later in his statement.

  • Rating: 4.4 of 5
  • Price: Free
  • In-App Purchases: $0.99-$12.99
  • Seller: Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited