“Roeser’s Bakery”: A sweet tooth’s favorite place

By Jennifer Arroyo ’21

“Roeser’s Bakery” is a bakery located in Humboldt Park. It is a wonderful place with kind employees, amazing desserts, and an eye-catching atmosphere.

When you enter Roeser’s, you are greeted by contagious smiles. While I was at the bakery, the employees were quick to help me, even though they were super busy, and they even gave input on what they liked. All the employees were in a great mood, and it was very fulfilling to know that the employee taking care of my family was not rushing us.

Eventually, I chose the carrot cake cupcake. It was very difficult to choose because there were so many options. However, I am glad that I chose this cupcake because it became one of the best cupcakes I have ever had. The cupcake had the perfect amount of sweetness due to not being overpowering. The packaging was also lovely. They have their own boxes, which is a beautiful yellow color, with the name of the bakery. They also tie a string around the box that is attached with napkins, which also has the name of the bakery.

“Roeser’s Bakery” also sells cakes. If you just want a plain cake, there is a freezer where you can pick a cake. If you, however, are thinking about getting a custom cake, you can just simply ask the employees to place an order.

Before entering “Roeser’s Bakery,” outside you can see a sign with the name of the bakery. It is lit up with red lights, which is especially visible at night. Making it very pleasing. Also, when you look at the windows, you can see example cakes that they can create. They have various options for wedding cakes all the way to birthday cakes.

When you enter, the bakery has a very vintage feel to it. On the left side wall, you can see even more cakes. Then there is a freezer, where you can get cakes. Next, to the freezer, there are cookies, and next to the cookies are all the wonderful desserts. There is also an ice cream station, where they have many different flavors from vanilla to pistachio.

However, some have complained about placing an order on a cake or how it did not come the way they wanted it. I disagree with these comments because I have ordered a cake here, and the cake came out amazing and exactly how my family and I wanted it. Also, the ordering process was nowhere near difficult for me. I definitely recommend this place, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

  • Location: 3216 W. North Ave.
  • Phone number: 773-489-6900
  • Hours:
  • Monday: closed
  • Tuesday-Sunday: 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.