“Riverdale”: A thrilling, fearful, and exciting series

A trailer scene of Riverdale when they found Jason Blossom’s dead body played by Trevor Stines.

By Grecia Avila ‘20

When the tv series Riverdale first came out I was not at all excited for the show. It seemed very sketchy and typical like most other  shows. However, once seeing it for the first time, I was intrigued. The plot was very well written and the actors played their roles incredibly, but some characters were not much favorable because of their personality in the show.

Even though it was how I expected a typical highschool drama crime show to be, it was exciting and captivated my attention as to what would happen in the upcoming episodes. The series had a certain background setting since it was a bit laidback and old school, but the plot had made characters to represent each different background.

Characters in the series like Lili Reinhart played Betty Cooper who is a student at Riverdale High. Also one of the main characters who is part of a group of friends that is later formed throughout the series.

Reinhart plays a very intense role as a nice girl with a dark history and a tough life. Reinhart’s role of Betty Cooper was to be seen as a kind and good daughter, student, and sister, but she also had mental issue that came up various times in the show that showcased her situation and dark side. Other characters like KJ Apa who played Archie Andrews was a long time best friend of Betty Cooper portrayed by Lili Reinhart who was also in love with Andrews.

Their relationship stayed only a friendship which did anger and sadden Reinhart’s’ role and brought many different emotions. Andrews did develop a certain close relationship with another character Camila Mendes who plays Veronica Lodge.

Veronica Lodge was a newbie in the town of Riverdale and Riverdale High. She was shown around by Betty Cooper who got upset that Veronica and Archie were getting close. Betty wanted to be with him which  upset her into ruining her friendships with both of them.

Lodge is a strong independent woman who was also one of my favorite characters and very stylish. Also, Lodge did have an issue in her role because at moments she did have to be stubborn in dangerous situations and different turn of events.

The moral of the story was about a murder that happened to one of Riverdale High’s local student Jason Blossom played by Trevor Stines who was siblings with another important character Cheryl Blossom played by Madelaine Petsch after his murder it sparked many controversies into what actually happened and who caused it which created the full plot of the series.

All characters did play their roles very well. Acting developed setting and meaning to the show and at times there were some moments that the acting was different from the setting, but it combined  together nicely.

Teens, as I can tell by friends of mine, were very into the series and loved the show. I would agree that it was a well thought out plot, very frightening yet thrilling, enough to keep you intrigued.

The show might not be for everyone, but in my opinion, it is a wonderful  show this first season and it is  currently airing its second season and hopefully, it is even better or equally as good as the first.

  • 45 Minutes each episode
  • Crime, Drama, and Mystery
  • Season 1 – 13  episodes