Restaurant to Education

Photo Credit: Shaun Bruce

By Iker Gomez ’20

Some teachers after four years of college go straight to becoming a teacher, but learning specialist Shaun Bruce took a different path.

From working in the restaurant business for many years to switching over to Pritzker to observing Noble programs; this is Shaun Bruce.

For most students at Pritzker, Bruce is mainly known for World History and IB History teacher. Bruce has only been a part of Pritzker for a few years, working his way into a new system and teaching lots of new students. But what did Bruce do before switching over to education and then Pritzker?

Before Pritzker, Bruce worked at a restaurant called “Trencherman”. Bruce was a restaurant manager for Trencherman for multiple years, but Trencherman was later closed in the coming years. Bruce then had to choose a different career path.

After Trencherman closed, Bruce had various options, but he decided to return to education.

During this time, Bruce was able to observe the ways Noble school functioned, which was a good opportunity for Bruce because of the insight it gave on various types of programs.

While observing Noble schools, Bruce was content the school’s structure. Bruce decided to locate to a new area for his new job.

Finally, after observations, Bruce came to the conclusion of this being his next step: He chose to work with Noble. He was offered the opportunity of becoming a teacher.

Bruce, later, became a World History teacher at Pritzker. He picked Pritzker for its proximity, as he lived in Indiana, which was the most suitable for him.

With the great staff and students that Pritzker provided, Bruce expressed that he felt  “very comfortable” here at Pritzker.

Through all observations and having to figure out what to do next, everything seems to be running well for Bruce. He has only been here for only a few years but more years it comes for his stay here.

After all, many can say that Bruce is a good World History and IB History teacher. In the end, Bruce was able to confidently say that Pritzker has made him “feel at home.”