Renegade Craft Fair: handcrafted works of art

People walking to view the different tents and vendors. Photo Credit: Bianca Feliciano

By Bianca Feliciano ’20

The Renegade Craft fair was hosted around the Wicker Park neighborhood on Sep. 8. It went from Damen to Ashland. The craft fair was full of unique people with amazing talents which ranged from making soy candles to knitting undergarments. This fest had everything: food trucks, several types of music, and over 100 booths.  

The vendors all had small tents formed in rows. Each were lined next to each other almost like a sort of bazaar. One tent would be full of scent as the vendor would be selling essential oils, lotions, or body soaps. The tent right next to it would be random, like a lady from Wisconsin selling picture frames made entirely from recycled wood. Surprisingly, most vendors seemed to have come from different parts New York, ranging from Brooklyn to Montauk; however, people from all over America came to sell their products.

As I walked down Division with my mother, I noticed several food trucks. There were trucks filled with food and then trucks filled with either plants, instruments, or clothes. The food being served varied from German food, which had a menu written in German, to a sort if Columbian/Mexican food, which was serving a type of empanada. I did not get any food because the lines were long and people crowded the small side streets.

There were many people along both sides of the tents. Ranging from young to old, all ages were at the craft fair. It was pretty crowded, especially at certain booths. At one point in time, I had to yell “excuse me” to get out of a tent full of succulents. Overall, there was a very positive vibe. People getting together to have fun, buying unusual trinkets or pieces of clothing, and eating food. It was an enjoyable event.

At the same time, one could say it was a bit much. There was so much to see and buy, plus the prices were pretty extreme. $`120 for a serving tray? No thanks! Some of the stuff being sold was also just pointless, but people have different interests. In order to view everything it would include a lot of walking too.

On the whole, I definitely recommend the Renegade Craft Fair. There is something for everyone. It’s a fun event that gets you out of the house and there is a variety of things to do, whether that be people watching or spending some cash. The stuff that these people make are obviously taken time upon and are supposed to be meaningful. I definitely plan on coming back next year!