#REALITYHIGH: fresh start

Dani had rose up to popularity she is with her crush. Photo Credit: Mariah Villanueva

By Mariah Villanueva ’20

#REALITYHIGH is a movie, based on a normal high school experience. The typical teenage girl  who feels like an outcast, suddenly becomes popular. Nesta Cooper, also known as (Dani Barnes), is distant from the popular group because she goes above and beyond to get into the best university. Dani’s main focus would be high school, college applications, homework, and working at the veterinary clinic.

One day after school, Dani got asked out by one of the most popular boys from high school. He approached Dani and kindly asked her on a date. Now, she feels so ecstatic because she has had a crush on him for a while. Dani’s life got turned around when this occurred. Afterwards, she becomes more popular,  which results in her style, hair and attitude to change.

This netflix movie focuses on romance and on the friendships Dani makes. Overall, the movie is modern and gives the same vibe that a normal high school movie would turn out to be like. There are some certain aspects of the movie that are quite interesting because Dani gets to live her dream and then date the boy she has been wanting for a while. Furthermore, she had her life change for the better. For example, she grew better relationships, and improved her personality  throughout the movie. She eventually continues with what she is working with to better her life. The people whom she is around helps her become much successful. The power of her relationships just sparks a connection. This leaves the audience wanting to watch more of the movie. The reason behind this is because Dani rose to so much popularity that she even has much more attention than the other girls that were once more noticed than her.

So for the most part, Dani got the boy of her dreams, her dream school, and  a much better build up with keeping up with high school throughout the hard times. Her life went from negative to positive.

  • Netflix Movie
  • Rated PG 14
  • Romance, Comedy and Drama