By Mylani Rivera ‘18        

This year, teachers and staff wanted to do something different. They decided to start a dodgeball tournament. Students and advisers get a chance to compete against another advisory in a dodgeball tournament.

Sophomore Cristeyli Delacruz, stated that dodgeball  “is a good way to relieve stress after a long day of school.”  Other students also feel the same way. Delacruz feels like instead of just wearing gym shoes all students should be able to change into “comfy clothes so we have more movement to run and throw the ball.”

Each advisory has a set schedule on when they play and who they play against. Advisories and their opponents get chosen by the number of students who passed their their PE fitness test.

While some students enjoy playing this vigorous game, others have a different view on it. Sophomore Alexis Ramos,  exclaimed that “ I don’t  really want to do it because I’m not a huge fan of  dodgeball.” However when asked what would you change about the game? Ramos stated, “ I wouldn’t change anything about the game. It’s a fun game as it is.” With all this said, put on your shoes and game face and get… Ready, Set, DODGEBALL!