Quarter one is finally over!

Results after Quarter one being done

By Stephanie Solis ’20

Quarter one is finally over! Time went by fast. After worrying about coming back to school, who would have thought sophomore year was going to be this hard? Huge amounts of homework. Students are already being stressful, yet they have a whole year ahead of them.  

Some students shared their opinion about quarter one finally being done. Most of them were not proud of their grades. Most students believe that sophomore year is the most challenging due to the amount of homework.

As sophomore Carina Lopez explained, “I am feeling okay about quarter one being over. My grades were not what I wanted them to be, but I tried.”

Jesus Gonzalez, a sophomore, said, “I feel like I could have done better than what I got. I know I have the abilities to get better grades.”

Pricilla Segura, a sophomore, said, “After quarter one, I am not content with my grades and have a goal to bring them up.”

Lopez and Gonzalez did not regret any classes but Segura does. Segura regrets Honors Chemistry and AP World History.

These students did not expect sophomore year to be hard. All the challenges are stressful as they complain about the amount of homework being so much.

I did expect sophomore year to be difficult. As we get older and move to different grades. The classes start getting harder and we start getting more homework. The years start getting more stressful,” Lopez said.

“I did not expect this sophomore year to be this hard. People from Pritzker have told me that it was the easiest out of the first three years of high school at Pritzker. In contrast, for me it is kind of hard because of the amount of homework we get at times,” Gonzalez stated.  

“I did not expect sophomore year to be so hard due to the fact upperclassmen have told me it was their easiest year so far. Apparently, it has not been the easiest year for me at all. Sophomore year is definitely hard especially with honors and AP classes,” Segura said.

The fact that students are barely starting sophomore year makes it scary. Students are already complaining, and they still have the whole year ahead of us. Most of the students have been stress of the amount of homework the teachers give them daily.

Students continue to get more stressed about all their classes and homework. Students continue with huge amounts of homework. Teachers should consider the amount of homework given every single day.

Also, students continue to do all their work in order to raise their grades up since they said that they were not expecting the grades they received for quarter one.