Quarter 4: How are students preparing?

Quarter 4: How are students preparing?

By Bianca Feliciano ’20

It is finally quarter four, and it is time to conclude the year with good grades,  completed community service, and a smile. Quarter three grades were due on Apr. 7 at 11:59 p.m., and Report Card Pick-Up was on Apr. 13, which is also a Friday. As the quarter ends, a new one starts, and it is time to get ready and make new goals for the final quarter and end of  semester.

In order to pass the final quarter, students must have the correct amount of hours of community service. Ten for freshman, 30 for sophomores, 50 for juniors, and 75 for seniors. Students must also have the correct amount of enrichment credit based on their grade level. At the end of senior year, students must have at least two full credits. Students also need to pass all of their classes, which includes passing the health and fitness test for P.E.

In order to achieve these requirements, students must prepare and reflect on the previous quarters to end the year on the right track.

Sophomore Aaliyah Cruz said, “I want to be able to expand my knowledge and understand the content I am learning with more depth by questioning things more.” For many, the final quarter is the one that really hits them in the face. In every quarter there are ten weeks, and 20 in every semester. The final quarter consists of many big tests including the final exams for every class, electives, P.E., and AP exams for those who take advanced placement classes. These last tests determine how your grades will be at the end of the year,  deciding what kind of classes you will take the following year. Students know not to slack off and have their game plan for the end of the year.

However for seniors, they may have a different approach towards the end of the year since they already know what college they will be attending and may have fulfilled all of their requirements to graduate. Alex Correa, a senior who will be attending Marquette University, claimed he wants to finish strong even though he knows he is graduating very soon.

Reflecting on quarter three, Correa claims that he has stressed a lot over college, but he did find more free time for himself and could spend more time with friends. Cruz said, “procrastinating at the beginning of this semester and forgetting things that caught up to my grades, was very detrimental to them.” Cruz plans on avoiding procrastination as much as possible in this last quarter and to approach the end of the year with a  sharper mindset.

The end of the year is a big relief for some students, but it can also be very stressful. Concluding, the year can be left on a high or low note depending on how you want it.