Prom: What is our theme?

Prom: What is our theme?

By Barbara Garcia ’18

Masquerade, Hollywood, or The Great Gatsby? Daniel Selan a calculus, algebra II, and senior council teacher takes initiative with prom every year. Senior council created a survey that went out to the entire senior class about prom ideas that led to the top three prom choices.

The votes were extremely close with Hollywood 41, Masquerade 43, and Great Gatsby 40. All of the years that Pritzker has had a prom, there has never been such a close vote. According to Selan, “It didn’t matter what we chose, ⅔ of the people were going to be upset. The integration of all three themes was decided upon the fact that senior council wanted to please everyone.”

The prom will be held at the Ritz Carlton on Michigan avenue, which just had a 100 million dollar renovation. Selan explains, “The hotel is already elegant and the theme is just there to be a bit of an accent for the prom.” Everyone who attends prom never officially dresses according to the theme meaning it won’t have such a great effect to have all three themes incorporated.

The hotel is already extravagant so the theme decorations will be at a minimum. Monica Delgado a senior and member of senior council explains the mixed reactions they received from their decision such as, “I noticed that most seniors were reacting very excited and pumped but I also noticed some rivalry between which theme was the best and should’ve been chosen.” Lizeth Gallegos, a senior, emphasized, “I find it interesting because there had never been three themes, but I also feel like it’s going to be too much going on.” Delgado said the themes being  incorporated are collaborating to all of the decorations and colors for each theme such as a table centerpiece.”

According to Selan, the theme does not play as a  big of a role in prom as people might think. Alexis Arrieta,  a senior, said, “I feel like it might not come out to what they expect.” Arrieta states he feels like Hollywood would have been a better choice due to the other themes being a bit overrated.  Overall the themes have been popular whether it is in a positive or a negative way. Everyone wanted their choice but that just was not possible. The closest thing to having their way is the senior council’s decision on making it possible for all three themes.

People are awaiting to see officially how the prom turns out and according to senior council, everyone will be satisfied. Since Pritzker has never had this idea of three themes in one, it will be nice to see everything out into place and the end result of it. Arrieta explained, “Instead of trying to fit my prom outfit with all themes, I will choose Hollywood to dress up as.” Many people are just dressing up as they wish or choosing a specific theme to dress as out of the three.