Products tested on animals is beneficial to humans

By Madelein Perez ’17  Zayalize Garcia ’17

        Many of the products that are tested on animals  are immensely beneficial to humans. The reason they test some of these products on animals is to determine if they’re in a good condition and quality for humans to wear on their body or to use on a daily basis.

   Many of the products that are tested on animals are everyday things that we use and needed in our daily life such as disinfecting  our mouths, sterilizating our homes, scrubbing  our bodies, and rinsing our clothes.

beaglefreedomproject shows

companies that test on animals,  including the following: Aveeno, Clorox, Band-Aid, Dove, Colgate, Chapstick, Crest, Downy, Febreze, Pine-sol, Tide, and Listerine.

    “In the 1930s more than a dozen women went blind because of Lash Lure, a mascara that was made with a chemical that could burn the skin. ” states animalresearch The safety of human beings is our top priority. Humans of all ages are going to be using products that require chemicals in them and we need to be 100% sure that there are no devastating after effects in the products.

   Many people will be very furious that there can be one or many devastating effects when using untested products. “Drugs and Cosmetics contain chemicals that can have dangerous side effects,” explains animalresearch.

Incidents, such as using a chemical that reacts poorly with another in our products, are very common and can lead to undesirable results. This is an important reason to make sure we test our products. Though there are tools that can be used to test the products; they are not 100% accurate in determining if it can be harmful to humans.

      Some advantages that we have in animal testing is that some animals have the same side effects on their bodies as a human. understandinganimalresearch states that animals and humans both suffer from similar diseases. Animals should be tested on because it can help save a human’s life by not endangering humans to harmful side effects.