Pritzker’s successful flower sale

Pritzker’s successful flower sale

By Citlaly Leyva ’21

Pritzker’s student government had a flower sale the week before Valentine’s Day and distributed the flowers on Valentine’s Day. Student government decided to do the sale to raise money for this year’s senior prom.

Senior Marisveidy Arellano, student government treasurer, stated that she came up with the idea of a flower sale for Valentine’s Day. Student government had to meet with Megan Shein, head of student government, and compiled a list of positive and negative outcomes for this fundraiser. Shein then approved the idea for the flower fundraiser.

Since the fundraiser was approved, the sale took place Feb. 4 through Feb. 8; Anyone in the school could buy and receive flowers. To buy a flower, students and staff had to go to the cafeteria and write the number of flowers they wanted at the top of a paper given to them. Each flower cost one dollar. Afterwards, the person had to write the person’s name, advisory, and a small message if they wanted.

Sophomore Monica Rodriguez received five flowers and said that when she got them she was “shocked but at the same time [she] was happy.” She was also glad someone thought about buying her flowers. Rodriguez also participated by sending multiple flowers to sophomore chemistry teacher Neha Singh and a student in Singh’s advisory.

Sophomore Helen Delgado said, “I was very surprised because [she] was not expecting to get a flower at all and it caught her off guard.” Similarly, sophomore Andrea Fajardo also stated that she was surprised when she received the flower. Delgado said the fundraiser  was a great idea because it “allowed students to give each other a present and show their appreciation for each other.” Delgado added that the process in purchasing a flower was “fairly simple.”

Overall, the girls received more flowers than boys. Sophomore Orlando Arroyo said, “[he] was the only one in [his] advisory who got a flower.”

Arellano stated that the prom committee has done this kind of fundraiser in past years, but it was a new idea implemented by student government. In the past,  student government had also done school dances like the Homecoming dance and the Valentine’s dance.

The prom committee has done similar things like the flower sale and it has worked for them, so student government decided to do this too because it worked for them in the past. Making the process easy and affordable for people is also a good way to allow people to buy more flowers.