Pritzker’s Primary

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

By Yomaira Herrera ’ 17


On Tuesday March 15, some advisories participated in Pritzker’s Primary election. The students had the opportunity to vote for a candidate on the Republican or Democratic side.

About 14 Pritzker advisories participated in this primary. Students were given a ballot where they were given the opportunity to vote for a Democratic candidate or a Republican candidate. The advisories that participated were McCaw, Kelly, Ocampkins, Curtin/Guy, Brick, Lifka, Contreras, Schwartz, Stosberg, Cross, Seigle/Portelli, Amato, Selan, and Rosentel.  

The results were quite surprising. As a mostly hispanic school, one wouldn’t expect students to vote for Donald Trump, but according to the votes, the winner on the Republican side was Donald Trump with a 63.6 percent of the popular votes.

The winner on the Democratic side was Bernie Sanders with a 80.6 percent of the popular votes.

Estrella Mendoza, a junior, who is one of many students that participated in this primary voted and said, “ It felt amazing to vote although it wasn’t real. It’s like making your voice heard.” Mendoza took this primary serious as if she was voting on the real primary. She wanted to make sure her voice was heard even though the primary was not real.

Mendoza also stated, “Before voting, people should do research because they are the voice of the people who can’t vote.” Mendoza stresses the importance of knowing what candidate is the best for president.

The results of the Illinois Primary that took place on March 15 included Donald Trump, taking the win on the Republican side, with a 38.8 percent and Hillary Clinton winning on the Democratic side, with a 50.5 percent of the votes.

On the Republican side, the candidates were Donald Trump, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. On the Democratic side the candidates were Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders had 48.7 percent of the votes, while Ted Cruz had 30.3 percent, John Kasich 19.7 percent and Marco Rubio 8.7 percent.