Pritzker’s mystery mascot girl

Part of the jaguar costume. Photo credit: Treon Wright

By Patrick Stone’ 19, and Treon Wright ’ 19                                             


Did you know that Pritzker College Prep’s mascot was a girl? Her name was Paulina Torres, and she was the last person in the mascot uniform; she was always   a great athletic person. Every time she wore the mascot costume, lots of fans cheered her on to perform. The mascot had lots of fans that appreciated her for her athletic talent and her positive energy that she let out when performing. She encouraged lots of fans to cheer for their home team and show that they supported their teams victory and success. Torres was chosen because of her athletic skills that she possessed, she was said to be one of the most athletic girls at Pritzker College Prep.  This person had many names fans labeled her as.

The mascot was the crowd leader of cheering or as we know that person motivating them at sport events. Although others had chosen that special girl, she was anonymously unknown to the crowd.

Despite the fact that she had enthusiasm for being the mascot, she always utilized her energy to keep the crowd roaring for a victory. This person has always had courage to cheer at games ,gym teacher, Driessen stated,” I think it’ll be fun to be mascot, you can do whatever because no one really knows who you are, so it’ll be amazing.” The ability to be a mascot is spectacular because you can do a lot.

It takes incredible high self esteem  to do what Torres had accomplished at pritzker to be a  memory set in stone. All in all,  Torres had been a honor to have as a mascot to boost the crowds confidence and to bring more awareness of the teams  success of the team’s victory that was soon to come. Torres graduated from Pritzker College Prep in the year of 2013. She was a well rounded student, achieving good grades and being an awesome mascot. She was great academically and physically, bringing lots of hope to others while performing in her mascot costume.