Pritzker’s disappointing Football season

Screenshot of the schedule of the games.

By Citlaly Leyva ’21

The Boys’ Junior Varsity Football team  had a competitive and tough season. It can be concluded that it was not their best season. They have worked very hard and had the right mindset to win, but they couldn’t find a way to dominate the game.

During the season, many of the games were canceled. Coach Mark Rychlik claimed that the games that were canceled would have been won. He continued with saying that the season was not a total failure because as the sport is “rigorous and punishing, the players still laced up their shoes and put on a helmet.” He feels that is success.

Angel Bezares, sophomore and football player, stated, “My team and I walked out of our first few games with a loss, but with our commitment and strength, we finally took our first win of the season.” The team’s first win was against Muchin College Prep.

Bezares continued, “Our football season had its synergy but it wasn’t enough to suffice the season’s overall impact.” The homecoming football game, despite a great start, led to an eventual downfall as it progressed. Sophomore football player Luis Gonzalez stated, “The worst game was Homecoming because our quarterback got injured very badly.” Rychlik also said it was the first time the player had played the position.

Gonzalez continued, “I felt pretty disappointed because the goal is to win and I feel there are times where I could’ve done better.”

The Pritzker football team felt there is always room for improvement and hoped to progress with upcoming seasons.

Gonzales added, “I feel like the team kept losing because we were quickly getting tired and we weren’t as conditioned as we should’ve been.”

Good games did not go unnoticed, however. Gonzalez said their “best game” was the one in which they played against Muchin College Prep.

Gonzales mentioned that a way they could improve the team is by focusing more on conditioning to gain an increase in stamina.

 In previous seasons, when Pritzker was dominant in the Noble Athletic Conference; the boys spent a lot of time in the weight room and it showed great improvement in the field. Looking forward to next season, some expectations that Rychlik is glancing at is getting the football team’s “butt in the weight room to get bigger and stronger.”

Rychlik added on, “It is the ultimate team game; 11 versus 11 it’s not one versus one, it is a great game, and it’s under attack by a lot of different forces.” Rychlik also stated that sports roundup an individual that creates a competitive drive that cannot be taught in a classroom.

There is a lot on the line for the upcoming season.