Pritzker’s Baseball team in Conditioning

The baseball team warming up by throwing the ball back and forth and will help their arms Credit:Salvador Rosas

By Salvador Rosas ’21

Pritzker boys’ Baseball team are in condition for their upcoming games. They practice in the gym or in a field, every weekday from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

The baseball team started their season, and they went on condition to work start it off with good practice. They start with a warm up by pitching  the baseball, which means throwing the ball back and forth and catching it with their gloves.

Later, they separate into two groups offense and defense. Offense stay inside and the bat to the bat net or using a T, it’s a poll which is putting the ball on the to and of course hitting it. Defense, on the other hand, go outside the gym to practice their pitching.

There is about “19 boys” in the team. Andrew Wetmore, PE/Gym teacher and one of the coaches, had some activities plan out for the team. He states, “When we are inside, we warm up arms or run outside to later break up into two groups {…}.”

They have a lot of practice for a reason they believe that “practice is more important than games,” Wetmore also states, “Limiting our mantle mistakes.” The main thing why practice is so important than the games? The reason for that is “because we need to work on things we want and stop and corrected in the moment,” Wetmore explains. However, he well “like to see growth” from his team and “limiting[…] mental mistakes”.

The students even try the hardest to practice as well, sophomore and pitcher of the team, Christian Bisono stated on what he does, “For me is my pitching and it is fun to do it and it will help our team,” he also goes deeper on how the team gets started on his practice, he states, “We stretch before hand so we warm up by short tosses and to long tosses.” He also loves the sport and thinks it’s  “most offering sports in Pritzker[…].”

Now, that the team practices every day, they need to know what they need improvement on?  Allen Trinidue, a junior in the team and hitter, explains, “The team needs improvement on self confidence[…]” and the reason for that is they “need it back” to “win.” He even knows what he needs to improve, “I need to improve on outside hitting so learning to outside pitches.”

On the other hand Bisono states, “We need to be outside and work on a lot.” However,  Trinidue says, “Improving and every practice is difficult and hopefully get successful.”

Ever since their first loss of the season in their first game on March 14, they really try to pull it back in this time. “Definitely improvement and taking and growing your team,” added Trinidue.

Throughout the week they have not been playing any games, which of course the team will gain more practice and “self confidence.”