Pritzker vs. ITW: Boys’ Soccer game

By Citlaly Leyva  ’21

Pritzker soccer boys’ went head to head with ITW Speer boys’ on sept. 15. The Speer field was hit  by the hot sun making it a hot zone for the players. The scoreboard was counting down the intense game.

Kick off began at 11 a.m. Speer had an early attacking start, making it difficult for Pritzker to get possession on the ball. Coach Amanda Meyers said, “The beginning of the game was tough, but that was only because we were giving them so much space to play with.” Which Pritzker boys’ began to close those gaps to contain a controlled game.  

Minute 26, Speer managed to hit crossbar putting Pritzker in danger of a goal. Eduardo Roman, a senior, is the captain and last defender of the team, said, “I honestly thought it was not going to be a big deal. I knew it was just the beginning of the game and knew there was going to be time for us to fix our mistakes.” Pritzker boys’ had a fast recovery after the first 20 minutes.

Minute 19:12, the boys get a water break to get a breather. As soon as the game was back on, Pritzker started to get more possession on the ball. Playing long balls to the wide players putting the team forward and have an attacking game against Speer. First half ended a tie 0-0. Letting the boys have a 10 minute half time. This allowed the coaches the time to rebuild and strengthen the minds of their players.

Pritzker got more on the ball, moving the ball around from side to side. Speer players start to get hungry for the ball and play aggressive. Speer gets a yellow card and Pritzker gets a free kick, which hits the crossbar putting Speer in danger of conceding a goal.

Both teams had lots of chances to score, but the goal keepers were very aware of the game. Pritzker “Struggled to find the net when we needed to,” said Meyers. The team struggled with finding the goal.

As both teams try to find a way to score, pritzker gets a yellow card. The game was very intense. Both teams have lots of chances to score, but never managed to score.

“We knew they were undefeated, and we knew they were a good team,” said Roman with good  sportsmanship.

The game ended with a tie. “Speer is the #1 seed at the moment, so I’m happy with a tie,” said Meyers. Both teams were in a fierce game on Saturday morning. Meyers stated that they’ll work on shooting, so that they are more prepared to defeat them in the future.

“I believe in my team, and in the end of the day we proved that we are a strong team,” declared Roman. The game was exciting for the players and for the fans cheering on their school.