Pritzker Track and Field start  Conditioning

Pritzker Track and Field start Conditioning

By Salvador Rosas ’21

Pritzker’s Track and Field Team, a sport that specializes in running and other games on the field, started conditioning to get ready for their upcoming games. Their alternative practices are held Monday through Thursday at Pritzker from 4-6 p.m.

The Track and Field team conducts their practice on the second floor of the building. During one of their practices, one of the five coaches, Tamika Robinson, P.E/health teacher, was training the team and specified that there are “8 girls and  about 15-20 boys.”

The team started up their warm up with some leg sweeps, which involves a lunge and arm swings, and later moving with some sprints back and forth in the halls.

Then, they were doing an alternative form of a pushup. The team did a speedy push up which involves a plank position and, almost, falling down on the ground after Robinson blows the whistle. They did this 3 times, and the team moved onto more activities.

Some members put cones in front of the trophy case and another in front of the water fountain. The team had to jog from the case to the fountain and back.

Next, they moved on to a sprint  and the last one to make it back had to do burpees. It was kind of difficult for them to get through the hallways because of students passing by.

David Morales, a junior in the team, explained that conditioning helps them with “workouts and stretches.”

To add on, Andres Roman, freshman on the team, stated, “We do [conditioning] to do better and practice to push up [our] limits to compete [and] be ready.”

“It’s the commentary and support […] from multiple people that bring the joy of the team,” said Roman. Morales explained  it is “like [fuel] to improve on.” Morales also mentioned, “aside from workouts […] with others [we also] have fun.”

Robinson made it clear that the main purpose is to “compete and win against other schools.” Robinson stated that practice is “absolutely important, [such as] their jump of height and stamina […] to get better.” Robinson advised the team “to learn from the meets.”

The track and field team went to Valente Square for a competition which was held on Feb. 9.

Other sports that have begun conditioning include Girls’ Softball and Girls’ Soccer.