Pritzker students take over Liga Potosina

Nutella Cafe on a Friday in the afternoon with a sunny day.

By Antonio Lopez ‘17


The number of Pritzker students playing soccer at Liga Potosina is enormous. Amongst those students are the following: Freshman, Hector López, Sophomores, Sergio Licea, Destiny Jimenez, David Talavera, Jesus Urena, Eric Ortega, Juniors, Antonio Lopez, Roberto León, Javier Romero, Ramiro Talavera, David Solis, Rafael Rodríguez, Seniors, Adaly Villamil, Desiree Jimenez, Kevin Bustamante, and Pritzker alumni Armando Licea and Joshua Urena.

Liga Potosina is an indoor soccer league that takes place at Foreman High School, usually on Saturday mornings. Roberto Leon, junior, shared his thoughts on seeing many familiar faces at Liga Potosina. “It feels really good playing with familiar faces. Even if you go against people from your own school, it makes it ten times more fun because you’re playing against friends and teammates from school.”

The teams in this league are categorized by age. The two categories that Pritzker students are currently playing in are: U16 and U18. Sergio Licea, Sophomore, explains the amount of competitiveness in this league. “I think it is a competitive league. The league has good chunk of excellent players and teams. Every team wants to be number one and that also makes it competitive.” Licea is second place for top scorers for the U16 teams and he stated that his team will be looking to win the championship this year.

Liga Potosina’s playoffs are coming soon and it would mean a lot for the Pritzker jaguars’ athletes to have more support.