Pritzker students take Drivers Ed course

By Natalie Bustamante ’22

Pritzker students prepare for their drivers ed test in order to be able to get their permit and pass the driver’s license Illinois test.

Pritzker offers the Drivers Ed course for sophomores through seniors. There are two different Drivers Ed courses; one is during the winter and the second one is during the spring. The second course recently  began, on Feb. 10. The instructor is Toro and they meet every Monday from 4:30 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. Toro is also an instructor at other noble campuses.

All students who take this course receive a book that is like a guide towards the driver’s test. Isidro Zamora, a sophomore taking the drivers ed course stated that “the book carries information about the [street] signs along with their color and what each one means.” He added on that the book contains a lot of information about the different requirements and restrictions a driver needs to know. 

Ailyn Corona, also a sophomore in drivers ed, explained that the “Road Book” also contains information about important actions one may have to do in order to be safe while driving.

Since Driver’s ed is a class, the students also get weekly homework that is due every Monday they meet. Corona stated, “We get assigned chapters to read, […] and we review what we got out of it on the Monday after we get back.” Zamora said that the chapters they receive as homework will eventually lead to a full project, which is what they are doing right now.

The way the students in this course prepare for their test is really just by review. There are two separate tests that the students will take. The students taking the spring course will take their written portion of the test at the end of May. Once students pass the written portion and meet all the requirements, the students are eligible to take the driving portion of the test. Students do not have a specific date to take their second portion of the test (driving potion) and can take it whenever they feel ready to take it.

Since the course began not so long ago, it is still the beginning and the students feel they need more time to prepare for the written test and the driving test. Zamora believes he still has a lot more to learn and uncover to be fully confident is his test. Corona similarly expressed that “[they] still have a lot of time and a lot to learn before [they] actually take the test.” 

Soon, they will be able to take the test and hopefully pass it with the resources given in the driver’s ed class.