Pritzker students share their experience at the choir competition

Hilton Nashville Photo credit: Dawm Payne

By Katya Ramirez ’21

A few weeks ago, Honors Choir went on a trip to Nashville, Tennessee for a festival of music choir competition at the Nashville School of the Arts. Honors Choir left on April 26 and returned on April 28. As they share their experience of their performance, they also share the places they visited.

Dawn Payne, a sophomore described the trip as “amazing.” She did not regret going at all, and also said, “Honestly I felt that it was an amazing opportunity, and I learned a lot.” Payne had enjoyed the competition but felt nervous when it was time to perform. Ebony Martinez, a junior, also enjoyed the trip. She thought it was the “most fun experience.” They had gotten second place, which Payne thought was “not bad” because they tried their best.

The performance, as described by Payne, took about, “6 to 7 minutes” though it felt like an eternity to her; she felt like that because she was nervous and thought the nerves had affected her performance a bit. Martinez felt the same as Payne. Martinez thought performing at the festival was “nerve wracking at first because when we stand [,] we have to wait for the judges to go on.” However, Martinez did not feel scared because she was performing with a group, not by herself.

Payne and Martinez had also mentioned the places they visited  and enjoyed the “ country music Hall of Fame.” Other than that, they both also enjoyed the food they tried. Payne mentioned that she learned a lot about the people she had admired for so long, such as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

When Martinez prepared for the trip, she was excited because it was her very first time going to Nashville. She had felt that her excitement made her want to perform with confidence. Martinez had also mentioned that the best way to prepare for a good performance was to practice breathing, intonation, posture, and other factors.

The hotels that they stayed at were said to be really nice and the people there were very welcoming of the Pritzker students Payne mentioned. She also said that she would definitely go to another trip like this if she were given the chance; this was a very memorable experience.

There is no known trip that is upcoming for Honors Choir but it would definitely be recommended by these ladies.