Pritzker Students and Staff Celebrate Spirit

Photo Credit: Mylani Rivera Cheerleaders performing during the prep rally.

By Samantha Ortiz ’20

The week before the scheduled winter dance, there was a Winter Spirit Week.  Which is normally a tactic to get everyone excited for the upcoming event.

On Tuesday and Wednesday during lunch, there was music playing in the background and after school, a mini dance party was held in the cafeteria. On Thursday there was Jaguar day which was like any other Friday.

Also on Thursday, there was a senior night where both varsity basketball teams were playing.

Friday there was a Color Day.  Each grade level had a designated color to wear that day. Freshmen wore yellow, sophomores green, juniors orange, and seniors blue.

Also on Friday, there was a pep rally. Due to the cold weather, it was held in the gym. Across the gym, you could see most of the students and staff participating in the color day.

During the pep rally, the cheerleaders performed a cheer routine to get the students and staff excited for the rest of the day. The school band played a couple songs including the Pritzker song. Various coaches for winter sports introduced their teams as well as special speeches about the seniors on their team.

Diana Rea, sophomore, mentioned: “Some students decided to just sit and not cheer [nor] sing the Pritzker song.”

During this pep rally, not as many students were willing to participate in the activities like cheering for the band and singing our Pritzker song.  Which was widely noticed across the staff members.

Barbara Garcia- senior on the Girls’ Varsity Basketball team- expressed, “Many students do and do not engage in these activities due to the type of activities planned out. As a school, we should incorporate the students in being able to voice their ideas on what is something they would like to do to express their pride to our school.”

Pritzker usually does not take the students’ feedback into consideration when creating new types of way to show school spirit. But there are many students who are willing to participate in anything related to showing school pride.

Garcia also explained, “Spirit week was a way to help spread and create a larger sense of pride within the school.”

Rea also mentioned that spirit week, in general, is a tactic to help generate pride within the school and students.

The winter spirit week was not widely enjoyed by many students this year, but for many, it helped bring out their inner Jaguar pride.