Pritzker Juniors: Second Battle Against The SAT

Words that come up to students mind when thinking of the SAT. Photocredit: Jesus Gonzalez

By Jesus Gonzalez ’20

Previously, juniors across the network had to take the official SAT in April. However, they have many more chances in which they can retake the test to get the highest score they can get. Following this, juniors registered to retake the SAT. They will be re-taking this SAT at Pritzker College Prep on June 1.9

About a week ago, juniors got their scores, and there was a mixture of emotions. Some were proud, some were sad, and some were neutral. Joseph Martinez, a junior, emphasized “I was disappointed with my outcome because I did not expect to get that score at all. I know I can do much better than that on this next upcoming SAT.”

Martinez was not the only student who felt like that. There were students who felt the same way, but one can not know how everyone else is feeling.

However, other students felt proud about their scores. Diego Rodriguez, a junior, concluded to the point that “I am proud for my accomplishments because I grew in my SAT, but there is always more room for improvement.”

There is the idea of growing from a previous score but not growing enough to what one expected to grow. For example, a student grew to get a score of 1270 on his or her SAT, but the student expected himself or herself to get around a 1320.

Nayeli Hernandez, a junior, concluded to the point that “I ended up around the same score based on previous articles. I wanted to grow, but I am okay with the score I got although I am going to retake it to  get a higher score.”

Similarities between each students include the thought in aiming to a higher score in the SAT.  Obviously, students have time to prepare for the SAT, so they can do a great job in it.

Martinez elaborated on the point that “I was too confident going into the SAT the first time, so I am going to be less confident but confidence I will still have.”

On the contrary, Hernandez emphasized to the point that “I went to the official SAT feeling unconfident, so I will be confident on this next SAT to get a more satisfying score.”

Rodriguez elaborated to the point that “I always want to do better than what I did before, so I am going to do some IXL and Khan Academy to get a better score.”

Overall, teachers always encouraged students to do better and be the best that one can be. They want for their students to succeed in life. Therefore, they are encouraging every junior who is taking the SAT in June to give it all they can.

Students want to spread the joy so that students feel encourage to do their best. Likewise, Hernandez emphasized that “I wish for everybody to do their best in the upcoming SAT, and I believe that each one of you will get the score you all want.”