Pritzker holds a Know Your Rights night

PC: Barbara Garcia

By Barbara Garcia ’18

Pritzker held a Know Your Rights event on Nov. 7 from 6-7:30p.m. Know Your Rights is an educational event held to inform individuals of their rights were they to find themselves in a legal situation.  

Due to the fear amongst the ending of DACA, as well as the threat of deportation, immigrants are fearful of their rights. Trisha K. Teofilo Olave, a legal supervisor and BIA Accredited representative from the National Immigrant Justice center, states that she attends churches, schools, hospitals, and common organizations to inform people about their rights in situations, such as when ICE approaches them. Olave explains that regardless of your immigration status, you can follow these steps:

What to do when ICE confronts you?

  • Remain silent by saying “I wish to remain silent.”
  • Speak to and be represented by an attorney
  • Refuse to sign any documents you do not understand
  • Request a local telephone call

Three parents were the only ones who showed up to the event. Olave stated, “people might not want to come due to fear.”

Pritzker is a sanctuary due to it being a school and a safe space. According to Olave, many non-citizens assume they have no rights and/or are not eligible for anything due to their status.  This is why she recommends they reach out for a consultation appointment.

Another issue discussed is that not everyone can give legal advice like notary publics (notarios) because they are not authorized and can say something that is not accurate.

Be informed with an appointment

The National Immigrant Justice Center gave valuable information regarding how people should not be afraid of the Chicago Police Department because they are under the “Trust Act,” meaning they can not turn people to ICE. Diodorob Salgado, a parent who attended, emphasized the importance of this, and that all the information he learned was helpful for him to better understand some things. Salgado states, “It’s good that I learned this because know I can go share this with other people I know who will benefit from knowing this.”

The national Immigrant Justice System believes in advocacy, litigation, and legal services. Know Your Rights is a success, and it’s only the beginning of showing that knowledge is power and being influenced  is beneficial to everyone. People should not be afraid. Therefore, even making an appointment will help someone who can be eligible for the  green card. The main issue is people do not speak up for themselves because they are not knowledgeable of their rights, which is what is the point of the Know Your Rights night at Pritzker.