Pritzker goes against UIC College Prep on UIC’s senior night

By Guillermo Martinez ’22

The Girls’ Varsity Basketball team had a game on Wednesday, Jan. 29. They had gone against UIC College Prep, which was UIC’s senior night. The game was at Easter Seal, which is located at  1939 W. 13th St. and started at 6:15 p.m.

Both teams started to warm up their bodies first without doing any drills because the gym was still being used for other schools that had practice. For example, layups, free throws, and three-point shots were being done by both teams. UIC had a few girls that were shooting three-point shots and the other girls were shooting from the free throw. 

The first quarter was a rough start for Pritzker because UIC started off with 7-0, which Pritzker was down by 7 points. Pritzker was shooting but was not making their shots and kept trying to get the ball to rebound them and prevent them from scoring and getting more points. 

Second-quarter was where Pritzker did make 4 points. UIC managed to make eight leaving the score 15-4, which Pritzker is still losing. Many of both teams shot were being missed, but there were most misses from Pritzker. 

The third quarter was where UIC really stepped up their shooting and made twenty-one points in just that quarter, and Pritzker made 6 points, which UIC was still beating Pritzker and the score was 36-10. During the quarter, one of Pritzker’s teammates got injured because one of the girls from UIC had tripped her and kicked her by accident in her face causing her to bleed from her nose since she fell straight down to the floor. 

The fourth quarter was where Pritzker was able to prevent so many shots from UIC to be made because UIC scored only 7 in that quarter, and Pritzker scored 6 in that quarter. 

Jacqueline Martinez, a senior, stated, “We could have done better because this was our second time playing against them, and the first time we kept it a pretty tight game.” Martinez mentioned that she can always improve on getting the rebound in order to stop the other team from scoring. “I am overall proud of my team regardless of the score because we tried our best and will continue to improve,” stated Martinez.

A sophomore Lizette Garcia mentioned that she expected the score to be a lot closer to each other because the first game was so much better. Garcia stated, “We can improve on getting the ball back and on taking more shots in order to score more or even get more fouls to get free throws.” Garcia explained that she is a little surprised at how they did not beat them because they had a really close score last time but is still proud of her team and herself even though there is still room for improvement. 

Marina Frayre, a sophomore, stated, “I do wish we had a better game against them because we did work really hard since we thought we could have beaten them.” Frayre mentioned that the team can improve on getting the rebound to prevent the other girls from getting the ball and shooting a lot more. “I am surprised and know that we could have done a lot better, but it was not our game but will continue to put in the work to improve as a team.” 

In the end, all the girls from UIC shook hands with the player from Pritzker that got hurt during the third quarter. UIC won on their senior night and Pritzker lost to UIC, in which the score ended 16-43.