Pritzker girls JV basketball team defeated by UIC

By Griselda Jimenez ‘20

Pritzker’s JV girls’ basketball team were defeated by UIC College Prep on Jan. 26 at 9 a.m. at Pritzker. The final score was 24-13.

Nathan Dengle, JV girls basketball coach, stated, “Citlali Sanchez lead the way with five points, Bianca Feliciano and Cynthia Munoz contributed a three-pointer each, and Crystal Mastache stepped up with a free throw.”

Crystal Mastache, a junior, stated, “Before the game, I was a little nervous and [at] the end, I had a mixture of emotions. I was sad we lost, but proud [of] my team and I for giving it our all.” Mastache was feeling low from the start of the game which could have led her to lose focus.

Lhea Assria, a freshman, stated, “Before the game, I was a little bit nervous. After the game, I was disappointed, but was okay with the loss since our team had definitely improved.”

Some advice that the girls would have liked to give each other include putting more defense and hard work.

Assria, stated, “As a team, we could have improved on teamwork [such as] passing, accepting assists, and looking around the court for open people.”

Citlali Sanchez, a sophomore, explained that there should have been more communication and agreed with Assria’s statement about having a better defense.

The girls had practiced preparing for the game. Mastache stated, “I did prepare for my games about 30 to 40 minutes [beforehand] and asked my dad for advice on how I could step up.” However, Sanchez explained that if there was to be more practice it would have been better for her.

In order to prepare for the next season, the girls were given  tips that could be worked on. Sanchez stated, “More practices, learning more, putting in more effort, and having a better attitude.” As for Assria, she stated, “Practice needs to start earlier, girls need to share their opinion on what they think could have worked, and have lots of positive energy.”

During the game, certain players were recognized when making shots. Mastache said, “I think the whole team has made a shot or helped by making an assist, but Cynthia Munoz[…]and Sanchez did a great job at stepping up to make points for the team.” Sanchez said, “I think Bianca […]should get recognized. She has improved so much during the season. I’m proud of her.”