Pritzker Designs Doors for Black History Month

By Cristian Mendoza ’22

Pritzker advisories support Black History Month by decorating their doors to represent strong African Americans over the years. All of the advisories had the chance to compete to see which door design is the best. The “winner” of the door decorating contest gets the satisfaction of winning. The purpose of this contest is to celebrate prominent African Americans during this yearly celebration of black people in February.

Sophomore Lhea Assria, students in Pritzker’s Student Government, remarks, “The prompt for the door decorating contest was Black History Month that is for fun competition and to bring advisories together.” The contest was a friendly get together event to appreciate Black History Month. The contest was judged on three main categories: “originality, creativity, and aesthetics.” Each category was on a scale from 1 to 5 and each advisory had their points totaled up. The advisory that had the most points was Gunnery Sergeant Alvarez’s advisory with decorations celebrating Malcom X.

Sophomore Valeria Delgado, in the Curtin advisory, did not decide to decorate a door this year. Although her advisory did not design for Black History Month, they still designed their door for another event. They designed it for Hispanic Month that was back in October. Delgado and the rest of her advisory did not have time to design their door. They did not have the chance to “brainstorm” any ideas for Black History month. In their past door, they decided to design Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez.

Senior Griselda Jimenez, part of the Fifolt advisory, also decorated their door. They decorated it after Angela Davis, who “was involved in a political charter murder and showed up to court with an afro”. This took Jimenez’s advisory a couple of days to do, but they managed to finish on time.  Referring to the advisories who did not participate, Jimenez believes that those who did not participate are “not motivated enough” to decorate their doors for these kinds of contests.