Pritzker debaters compete at state

Pritzker debaters compete at state

By Jennifer Salinas ’18

Students from Debate team competed at Illinois Communication and Theatre Association on Mar. 11.

According to Charles Rosentel, sophomore world history teacher and debate coach, Nadia Segura ranked 17th in in state for JV, Adrian Ochoa ranked 20th, and Desiree Cordero won three ballots against two different debaters. Segura and Priscila Bautista tied for highest speaker points. All four of the students are sophomores.

Students competing traveled 300 miles. Students got donations from teachers, students, and friends to attend.

Nadia Segura, a sophomore in  debate team, explained the competition, stated “Debate tournaments have four or five rounds. When they have five debate rounds, the last three tend to be power-matched, meaning that you go against a debater who has lost and won the same amount of rounds as you. Debaters alternate between the affirmative side of it, never knowing which side they will have to argue for until posted by the coordinators of the debate.

Speech and debate students had to prepare for the tournament. Segura said that preparing for the tournament took time, “We had a month to write about the resolution– The US ought to promote a democracy in the Middle East. It’s a topic that requires a lot of background info and through investigation, so the team spent a lot of time digging into the topic. We made sure to have cases ready just in time, and we put a lot  of effort in all of the cases.”

Despite the challenges the competition brings, Segura stated that it was worth it: “ The ride was very long– about ten hours in total–but it was extremely fun. We made plenty of stops to eat, try new foods, and had new experiences. I love the team and admire my coaches. We’re practically a little family, so even spending the weekend with each other is super fun, and we would do it all over again, no doubt about it.”