Pritzker College Prep students attend report card pick up

Students, staff, and teachers gather during report card pick up. Photo credit: Mauricio Rodriguez

By Mauricio Rodriguez ’19

On Friday, Nov.  4, students attended report card pickup at Pritzker College Prep. During report card pick up, parents or legal guardians receive their child’s grades and record for quarter one to see how well  the students are doing. Also, parents/guardians of the students were able to conference with their child’s advisor.

During report card pickup, many students get a variety of feelings as they go to get their report cards. Sophomore student, Christopher Brito, said, “I felt like everything went smoothly, and I felt good”. Brito felt good about himself rather than feeling nervous, and he felt that everything went great. On the other hand, some students felt nervous because they either knew what to expect while others did not know if they were failing or progressing.

While the students went  to go pick up their report cards, some did not forget about the benefits of the whole event. Brito said, “It will allow the teachers to speak to the student’s parents [and] to assure what’s going on with their grades”.  He mentioned that it was important, especially for his parents, because it was a check up to see how well or bad he was doing in school.

At report card pickup, students have views on why their parents should know how they are doing with their grades. Brito mentioned that it is important for his parents to know how he’s doing because it helps them see if he is “progressing or not.”

He went on to state  what he believes is the actual purpose of the whole event. He stated that the purpose of report card pickup is for parents to have a “conference” with the teachers and advisors. Therefore, if there are any concerns for  a particular student, a teacher or parent can address them to one another.

Brito also expressed how his parent’s felt after receiving  his report card and having the conference with his advisor. He mentioned, “I think they like the system because they will know my grades and know what I’m having the most trouble with.” Therefore, his parents liked how Pritzker setup report card, so that the parents can be informed on the student’s progress.

Brito, in the end, mentioned how throughout the whole event, he felt “normal.” Thus, he was neither excited nor nervous. He was simply neutral.

During report card pickup, there were many things going on besides the conferences. While teachers were conferencing with their students and  the student’s parents, there were volunteers selling Pritzker gear to students who were coming by. Meanwhile, other students volunteered to assist their advisors by helping keep track of who already attended the conference and who was next.