Pritzker College Prep holds Homecoming dance

By Ruben Galvan ’22

On Oct. 12, Pritzker College Prep held the Homecoming dance to welcome back new and previous students to the new school year. All grade levels were invited to come to the dance. 

The Homecoming dance was held from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. on a Saturday. The price for entry at the door was $10 and $8, if you bought the ticket prior to the dance. 

The dance was held in the gymnasium at Pritzker. The gym was decorated with lights and other decorations. 

For students, there was also a photo booth at the entrance of the school to take pictures.

Inside the gym, there was a DJ that played a large variety of music, such as pop hits, hip-hop, and Latin songs. 

When entering, students were checked for their IDs and staff looked through students’ pockets and bags for any illicit substances that students are not allowed to bring in school.

For most, the event served as a way to dance and have fun with friends. Sophomore Angel Anaya stated the reason she went to homecoming, “I wanted to hang out with my friends and see my friends in an environment where they have a party.”

Before the dance was held, students were given the chance to vote for homecoming court. Each grade level were given a vote for their fellow classmates to nominate them for many different roles in which varied from class year.

However, for some students, it was the loud atmosphere and for others it was the fear that they might do much at the dance.

When Anaya was asked why people might be reluctant he replied, “I see if you just go by yourself and just sit by yourself then obviously it’s going to be very boring.” Anaya, however, believes that these doubts can be resolved. Anaya stated, “But you know if you go by yourself and then start hanging with the people there, then it’s going to be fun.”

Another issue that some might have with the dance is the atmosphere of the event “you get what you expect loudness and people dancing,” Anaya stated.