Pritzker cheers on winter sports

Photo Credit: Mylani Rivera The cheerleaders in the gymnasium during their performance.

By Jennifer Segura ’20

On Feb. 2, students from all grade levels gathered in the gymnasium for a pep rally celebrating the winter sports.

Band students were playing upbeat music as smallpapers were being passed out to students, containing the Pritzker Fight song, so students can sing along.

This was the freshmen’s first pep rally, since they could not attend the fall one due to an altercation.

Caroline Ryden, the assistant principal, stated that she was not the only one in charge of the pep rally, “Ms. Moran and Ms. Johnson helped me. Mr. Rychlik is really the one in charge of pep rally line up because he introduces the sports teams.” Ryden also stated that “Ms. Pallardy and Ms. Cross are in charge of the cheerleaders,” and that Ms. Pallardy was one of the reasons why there even was a pep rally.

The pep rally started off with the cheerleading team entering the gym and performing a routine, then came in the wrestling team, followed by the girl’s basketball team, and lastly  the boy’s basketball team. To end the pep rally, the band students played the Pritzker Fight song, with the rest of the school singing along.

Ryden said that the pep rally was on a Friday because there was a longer advisory. Since there’s been pep rallies before, Ryden said that organizing the pep rally was not a lot of work.

With the teams having games coming up and the cheerleaders having their competition, teams were announcing their games and the cost of the tickets.

The gymnasium was crowded, but the students managed to fit in. Seniors and juniors sat on the bleachers while sophomores and freshmen sat on the floor.

After the pep rally ended, students were dismissed from the gymnasium by grade level back to advisory for the last few minutes of school and to grab lunch.

Daniela Ocana, a freshman,  stated that her favorite part of the pep rally was seeing the cheerleaders perform a routine, “I was awestruck.” Unlike Ryden, who goes to school games, Ocana does not attend school games because she does not “dig sports in general,”  so she does not “bother going.” This was Ocana’s first pep rally since she did not have pep rallies at her old school and “let alone any major school events.”

The pep rally’s purpose was to acknowledge the winter sports, and also to honor seniors who joined winter sports.

In the pep rally that was held in the fall, the school mascot was not present. During the winter pep rally, the school mascot came into the gymnasium with the cheerleaders and then with the girls basketball team.

The pep rally was also held on the last day of spirit week to end it. “The pep rally was amazing. My jaw dropped to the floor during the performances,” Ocana stated.