Pritzker Champions League

The logo for Champions League Photo Credit: Giovanni Boyas and Jorge Rivera

By Giovanni Boyas ’17 and Jorge Rivera ’17

Would you guys want a lot of practice for the ACT before you take the real one so you can get a high score? That’s what the Pritzker Champions League is all about.

The Champions League, also known as Hunger Games for seniors who took it in 2014, helps juniors by giving them a lot of ACT practice passages. The teachers highly believe that juniors can grow a lot because of the practices. All teachers show a lot of enthusiasm when it comes to Champions League.    

This year the Champions League for juniors is every Tuesday. Instead of Advisory, they go to the lunch room. The juniors are appointed  to their assigned college before the official Championships League begins. The teams consist of: Tufts, U of I(Illinois at Urbana Champaign , U of M (Michigan), UPenn  (Pennsylvania), Northwestern, U-W Madison, Connecticut, and University of Chicago.

Every team is given their own shirts with the name of their teams. Some fridays all juniors get to wear the shirts or sometimes only the winning team of the week gets to wear their shirts and show team spirit. All teachers show a sense of enthusiasm and excitement. Juniors are given ACT passages and scored before dismissal. There is given time, so that all teams can discuss and share their answers. All teams are divided evenly meaning all teams have students with low and high ACT scores. So chances of winning for every team is even. Your team is given points when you get a certain amount of right answers when taking practice passages. These points are added to the points received from the previous week and week after. Last year, in the Hunger Games, the college with the highest score stacked up gets a reward, varies in: Movies, Paintball shooting, gift cards to store, and many more. Always remember that the Champions League is not about the rewards. It is about getting the best practice and learning the most you can, so that you can score high on the act.

Tuesdays are not always boring because of Champions

League. The leaders set up fun competitions during these tuesdays. Last week it was that one member from every college competes in who can hold a squat the longest. The winner was added points to their team college. Some tuesdays you have to track your ACT scores and write down your goals.

“Even if you have the best players in the world it’s not that fun to be in that team […] you might not have the best players in the world but your team is awesome because everyone’s having a great time,” stated Nicholas Schmidt, a junior biology teacher and one of the host of Champions League host of 2015. The Champions League isn’t about trying hard the whole time to see who can come out on top. The Champions League is about learning ACT techniques while you’re having fun at the same time. Some people still have different opinions about the Champions League.

“It’s Pointless. I thought the entire point of Pre-College Seminar and Academic Approach was for ACT preparation. Why Do we need more? Then they try to make it fun, but extra work is never fun,” said Veronica Colon. Some might disagree that the Champions League is helpful because we already have Pre-college Seminar to help us on the ACT.

Some seniors think that hunger games last year was very helpful. When asked Isabel Del Valle , a former senior, if the hunger games helped her with the ACT, she replied “I was able to practice skills in subjects I was weak in and strengthen my skills in subjects I was already strong in […] Because of that constant review and practice, I was confident when taking the ACT.” With a great amount of practice, students will be comfortable when taking the ACT and will be confident because of how familiar they are with the ACT.

The Championships League will be seen in a both positive and negative way but the outcome of the Champions League is positive. It will increase our ACT scores and therefore be able to go to great colleges. So in the end, all juniors will be happy Champions!