Pritzker celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Pritzker celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month.

By Cristian Gutierrez ‘21

Culture is important for many and having the opportunity to represent your culture at school is admirable said Victor Gonzalez, a junior, and Alexander Gonzaga, a junior.

Gonzaga and Gonzalez had different opinions and views on Hispanic Heritage month at Pritzker. Gonzalez enjoyed the way Pritzker approached the month of Hispanic Heritage as he stated, “I really liked how Pritzker added fun activities during lunch, such as playing Latin music and the game of trivia.” Gonzalez added that the door decorating contest was a good addition to the weeks, in which Hispanic Heritage is celebrated. Similarly, Gonzaga mentioned how Hispanic culture being celebrated by Pritzker is “awesome.” Gonzaga also stated, “I personally like how students can represent their cultures by having a dress down day where they can show others their culture.” Gonzalez also mentioned that allowing students to represent their cultures is important because “in today’s society people don’t feel comfortable opening up about their culture” due to the feeling of being judged.

Memorable moments

Both Gonzalez and Gonzaga had different favorite moments throughout these weeks. Gonzalez stated, “My favorite part of this was the day in whichLatin music was being played in lunch because it was really unusual and funny.” Gonzalez also mentioned that the dress down day was fun because many “participated and showed their cultures.” 

Gonzaga also stated, “Personally, the best part for me was the dress down because we had the opportunity to wear shirts that represented our own culture.” Gonzaga also mentioned that he enjoyed the music during lunch as he found it “unique.”

Possible changes  for next year

Gonzalez and Gonzaga had different thoughts when it came to possible changes. Gonzalez mentioned that he would have loved to see more activities as stated, “I think it would be nice if they added more activities, like some games from different cultures.” Gonzalez added that maybe Pritzker should add a day in which students can bring foods representing their cultures. Similarly, Gonzaga stated, “If Pritzker does this next year, they have to add more activities, maybe during lunch.” Gonzaga mentioned that activities like trivia were fun and similar activities should be added. 

Overall, Gonzalez and Gonzaga enjoyed Hispanic Heritage month because it had multiple activities that were fun for them. Nowadays, many people are oppressed and cannot express themselves. It is always nice having the ability to express one’s own culture and traditions.