Pritzker boys’ soccer team tie vs undefeated rivals ITW

Senior David Solis clearing out the ball

By Antonio Lopez ‘17

On Sept. 15, Pritzker’s varsity soccer team tied 0-0 vs the only undefeated  team in the Noble conference: ITW. In what was a very intense game, two of the Pritzker boys, Alexis Moreno, senior, and Mitchell Moreno, freshman, received two red cards.

The first half was a very fought half between both teams. ITW had one shot that ended up in the post while Pritzker had a few shots that were blocked by ITW’s goalkeeper. The second half was dominated mostly by ITW as Pritzker was two players down. Pritzker’s goalkeeper, Luis Berdin, sophomore, had an incredible night as he blocked many dangerous shots that were aimed at goal. The jaguars were able to hold off the very skilled opponents despite two players down and were able to finish the game with a tie.

Some of Pritzker’s players showed discontent towards the performance of the referee. Uriel Villamil, senior, explained, “I feel like the ref kept marking unfair fouls against us while ITW barely had any fouls called on” Villamil added that the two red cards received were judged a bit too harsh.

David Solis, senior, believes his team could’ve gave ITW more competition if they would’ve had a full squad. Pritzker played without two players for almost the entire second half. As Solis explained, “It was tough playing with two less players for almost the whole second half, but I think we were able to pull through and get the tie”

Alex Riggs, freshman math teacher at Pritzker and also soccer coach of the ITW soccer team, expressed his reaction towards the game, “In general I was happy with how my team possessed the ball, yet frustrated with how few shots we put on the frame. Pritzker did a good job closing down space when we started to create opportunities but we only challenged their keeper a handful of times.” Riggs also commented about how special it was to face Pritzker as he got to see some of the students he teaches play some beautiful soccer. Riggs also believes Pritzker and ITW will continue to have a rivalry in all sports.

Pritzker has had a solid season so far with only two games lost.  They can possibly face ITW again in either semis or finals. The jaguars will be looking to win the championship this year but know there are really tough opponents to overcome.