Pritzker becomes IB

Pritzker becomes IB

By Katia Gomez ’17 and Yomaira Herrera ’17

Starting this school year, Pritzker College Prep is officially an IB School.

According to Emily Prettyman, former Honors Physics teacher and IB Coordinator, “Mr. Sierra had the idea of Pritzker becoming IB.” The application process started in 2011, and it took four years for it to become official. The application process involved many steps, such as an IB official visiting Pritzker to see if the school culture was right for the IB program.

The current sophomores will be the first ones to take IB courses, which they will start in the fall of 2016. IB courses are designed for juniors and seniors, but the school wants students to take more courses ahead of time to prepare them for IB.

Prettyman said, “We want to make sure students are ready to go through college.” Prettyman also explained that she thinks that Pritzker being an IB school will give students a clearer view of classes they would take in college.

IB is a program that offers courses at college level,  similar to AP. In total, there are six courses that students will take. Students will be placed in different levels of courses that challenges them based on their skills.

Teachers see this as an  opportunity for students to experience more challenging material, such as college level readings.

Student will feel more prepared for college after they have been involved in college level material. It might be hard work but it will be helpful when they get to college. Students will see that it’s not a big transition because they were already exposed to college material.   

 The hope is that AP and IB students will also have a smooth transition to college because they already prepared for the real thing, which are real college courses. Students will have more opportunities in college and jobs if they attend IB courses because they will be even more prepared.